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Kuwait Shagaya 50MW solar Concentrated Solar Power project operates in 2018

Shagaya 50MW CSP project, the first commercial CSP plant in Kuwait, is now under construction, and expected to be completed by the year of 2018. Developed by Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR), the project signed EPC contract (USD $385 million) with a consortium consisting of Spanish EPC company TSK [...]

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Single-tank molten salt receiver demo for concentrated solar power successful in Masdar City

Masdar Institute and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have built, tested and validated what is touted as the world’s first direct absorption molten salt receiver for concentrated solar power (CSP). The single-tank thermal energy storage (TES) system has been operational for over two weeks at the Masdar Institute Solar [...]

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Cleanergy AB had signed an agreement with Masen to deliver concentrated solar power (CSP) technology to Morocco

Morocco-based Masen, a leading renewable energy company, said its president Mustapha Bakkoury recently visited Sweden to meet the country's governmental energy agencies and Cleanergy AB to discuss collaboration opportunities. Cleanergy AB is a privately held high-tech small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) specialised in the supply of Stirling engine-based renewable energy [...]

HELIOVIS Successfully Commissioned Inflatable Concentrated Solar Power Collector

For decades, little innovation in costly solar mirror fields. If one visualizes a 200 MWpel-CSP (Concentrated Solar Power)-plant, it mainly consists of three technical parts: i) the solar field to collect the solar irradiation, ii) the thermal system with a thermal storage, and iii) the power block with the [...]

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SunCan Dunhuang 100 MW concentrated solar power tower project to operate by Aug. 2018

10 months have passed since China government launched the first batch of 20 CSP pilot projects announced last September. As the first molten salt tower plant starting construction, SunCan Dunhuang 2nd Phase 100MW molten salt tower CSP plant catches the eyes of CSP industry players. Mr. Huang Wenbo, Vice President [...]

Dubai’s concentrated solar power market continues to set records

The bids submitted for the emirate’s first CSP project could lead to a significant growth in the deployment of the technology across the region The submission of the 9.45$cents per kilowatt hour ($c/KwH) lowest tariff for Dubai’s first concentrated solar power (CSP) solar project is another record setting renewable [...]

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Morocco shortlists 5 consortia for 800 MW Noor Midelt solar hybrid Concentrated Solar Power & PV project

The Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy (MASEN) has shortlisted 5 consortia to bid for the phase 1 of the 800 MW Noor Midelt solar power complex. Noor Midelt is the first complex that specifies hybrid plants including both CSP and PV. Total capacity is expected to reach 400 MW, of which [...]

New South Australian Concentrated Solar Power facility nears completion

A new tower concentrating solar research, development and commercialisation facility is nearing completion in a northern industrial suburb of Adelaide. It has been fully designed and delivered by Heliostat SA, in collaboration with UniSA and the automotive sector. The heliostat field consists of 25 single facet focused heliostats, each [...]

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Open Hardware and Software System Onboard Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to Monitor Concentrated Solar Power Plants

Concentrated solar power (CSP) plants are increasingly gaining interest as a source of renewable energy. These plants face several technical problems and the inspection of components such as absorber tubes in parabolic trough concentrators (PTC), which are widely deployed, is necessary to guarantee plant efficiency. This article presents a system [...]

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Cleanergy and Datang enter SEK Stirling Concentrated Solar Power project in China

Cleanergy AB in April this year signed an agreement with Datang Holdings New Energy Technologies Limited (“Datang”), a Chinese energy company now moving into large scale installations of solar power plants and energy storage. The agreement comprises of manufacturing, installation and development of Cleanergy’s state of the art Stirling [...]

Parameters affecting CSPoncentrated Solar Power and PV solar projects-ACWA Power

Head-quartered in Saudi Arabia, ACWA Power is a world leading power and water developer, and renewable energy has been a crucial part of its strategy. In solar power domain, ACWA is well-known for developing PV projects like Shuaa Energy 1 in UAE and Noor PV, and CSP projects including NOOR [...]

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The impact of the 9.45 US$ cents Concentrated Solar Power bid on the MENA region

The recent tender of the CSP project in Dubai DEWA 200MW has achieved a record low PPA of 9.45 US$ cents per kWh and has shifted the ground of how cheap, dispatchable renewable energy can change the entire MENA region. To facilitate action in response to this new opportunity, the [...]

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