About Jose Santamarta

José Santamarta studied Philosophy, Economics and Business Administration. A pioneer of the environmental movement, he was president of the Commission for the Amazon, vice president of the European Working Group on Amazonia, a member of the board of the CBED (Coordinating Body for Environmental Defence), representative of the Climate Action Network and the World Watch Institute in Spain and served on the board of the ANPED. He worked as a consultant and in several government bodies, such as the Community of Madrid and the IDAE (Institute for the Diversification and Saving of Energy), and was advisor to the Ministry of Environment. Editor of several publications, he was director of World Watch and Gaia magazines. He has published books on economics, environment and energy.

DLR’s new solar receiver CentRec® exceeds 900 degrees Celsius target in the Jülich Concentrated Solar Power Tower

Solar researchers of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) reached in DLR’s Jülich Solar Tower test facility an important milestone for the development of a new receiver concept for solar tower power plants: During the solar test operation of the so-called centrifugal receiver CentRec® for the generation and storage of [...]

ACWA Power Prepares to Run 2 Concentrated Solar Power Plants in Moroccan Ouarzazate

ACWA Power Group is putting the finishing touches on the second and fourth stations of the giant Noor Ouarzazate Solar Power Complex before they are officially run in the coming days. When these two plants become officially operational, ACWA Power will have completed 74 percent of the world's largest [...]

Chile’s 24×7 Concentrated Solar Power Plus Storage Project is Back on Track

Construction of Latin America’s first, utility-scale concentrating solar power (CSP)-thermal energy storage project is back on track. Completion of the 110 MW, 24×7 Cerro Dominador CSP-energy storage project in Chile’s Atacama desert – expected in 2019’s second half will also mark Latin America’s first tandem, utility-scale, PV-CSP solar energy facility. [...]

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Develop Cost Efficient CSP, CSH and Thermal Energy Storage to Meet Grid and Industrial Demand

With a 12 year legacy, CSP’s #1 conference will be taking place on 13th-14th November in Madrid having previously been in Seville. Focussing on CSP business development, this event is one not to miss - especially as 2018 will witness the financial close of the world’s largest CSP project. Keen [...]

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DEWA Seeking IPP Advisory Services For 5th Phase Of MBR Concentrated Solar Power Park

The Dubai Water and Electricity Authority (DEWA) has issued a tender to seek IPP advisory services for the fifth phase of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park. The initial steps towards the execution of phase 5 of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum (MBR) solar park has been [...]

The Concentrated Solar Power contributed 2.7% in Spain in May

Renewables contributed 43.9% in Spain in May: wind 17.2%, solar thermal 2.7% and photovoltaic 4.1%. Generation of the month of May 2018 The peninsular demand for electric power in May is estimated at 20,044 GWh, 1% lower than that registered in the same month of the previous year. If [...]

Kuwait 1st Concentrated Solar Power plant 50MW Shagaya solar completed this year

Shagaya 50MW concentrated solar power (CSP) plant in under the Phase One of 2GW Kuwait Shagaya Renewable Park. As Mr. Oliver Baudson, Managing Director of TSK-Flagsol Engineering talks to CSP Focus, “the CSP project is now under construction, and will be fully completed by the end of this year, [...]

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The world’s largest concentrated solar power plant built with Industeel’s stainless steel

Nour Ouarzazate Solar Power Complex, the world’s largest concentrated solar power plant will enable Morocco to source almost half the country’s energy from renewables by 2020. The third phase of the project, Noor III, which will be operational as from October 2018, is being constructed near Ouarzazate, in Morocco, with [...]

How to choose for solar Concentrated Solar Power?

In recent years, countries like China, UAE, Morocco, South Africa, Australia, Chile and USA gave bigger support on concentrated solar power (CSP) industry. However, "high cost" is always a big question, for which 2 ways are taken: Expand CSP capacity to realize better scale effet; More devote on R&D to [...]

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Bitcoin Or Not, Here’s Why Concentrated Solar Power Is The New Nuclear

Whoa. File this one under D for Don’t look back, bitcoin may be gaining on you. Bitcoin’s voracious energy-sucking habit is coming into sharper focus, and that could throw a big, fat, old-fashioned monkey wrench into the idea that solar power, wind power, and other renewables can be ramped up [...]

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China to Extend Deadline for Late Concentrated Solar Power Demos

China’s National Energy Administration (NEA) has announced that the deadline for the first batch of CSP demo projects can be extended to 2020, but with an electricity price reduction mechanism. On May 22, China’s NEA issued a notice on “Promoting the Construction of Solar Thermal Power Demonstration Projects”. The [...]

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Abengoa’s solar thermal plant Xina Solar One, awarded in the Industry Awards of the African Utility Week in South Africa

Abengoa (MCE: ABG.B), the international company that applies innovative technology solutions for sustainability in the infrastructure, energy and water sectors, was awarded, thanks to the solar thermal plant Xina Solar One, in the fifth edition of the Industry Awards, which were held during the 18th annual African Utility Week. [...]

Egypt’s Concentrated Solar Power plant to train African scientists

The first training programme in the field of solar power for researchers from Africa and the Middle East is set to launch next September. The programme, offered by the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology in Egypt, will take place at the Multipurpose Applications by Thermodynamic Solar (MATS) plant. The [...]

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