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Concentrated solar power tower exposes materials to intense heat to test thermal response

Sandia National Laboratories is using its solar tower to help assess the impact of extreme temperature changes on materials. The tests, now in their second year, take advantage of the ability of Sandia's National Solar Thermal Test Facility to simulate a very rapid increase in temperature followed by an [...]

Concentrated solar power could generate ‘quarter of world’s energy’

Solar power stations that concentrate sunlight could generate up to one-quarter of the world's electricity needs by 2050, according to a study by environmental and solar industry groups. The technology, best suited to the desert regions of the world, could also create hundreds of thousands of new jobs and save [...]

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Europe Concentrated Solar Power players target post-2020 openings as scale slices costs

Accelerated grid expansions, capacity markets and learnings from large Middle East projects could rejuvenate the Spanish CSP market and see European capacity far outstrip recent forecasts of 5 GW by 2030, industry experts told New Energy Update. Europe’s installed CSP capacity is predicted to rise from 2.3 GW at [...]

World Bank approves US$125 million financing for second Moroccan PV and Concentrated Solar Power complex NOOR Midelt

The World Bank will provide US$125 million in additional financing for the Noor-Midelt 1 and II plants, which include a combination of concentrated solar power (CSP) and PV. The additional financing for the projects, which are set to have a capacity of 600-800MW, includes US$25 million from the Clean [...]

China concentrated solar power market to register highest growth over 2016-2025, Global capacity to surpass 24 GW by 2025

Increasing electricity demand owing to rapid industrialization an urbanization will propel the demand for concentrated solar power market share over forecast timeframe. Substantial advancements in the energy technologies over the past few years have added a remarkable value to the global concentrated solar power market and has impacted massively on [...]

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Azelio demonstrates technology for low cost concentrated solar power energy storage

Swedish solar company Azelio on June 14th launched a demonstrator of its unique technology for solar energy storage. The technology is revolutionizing in its ability to generate clean electricity on demand around-the clock in a distributed way. It has modularity benefits and is more cost efficient than competing technologies, [...]

Concentrated Solar Power Focus Innovation comes late October in China

In recent years, countries like China, UAE, Morocco, South Africa, Australia, Chile and USA gave bigger support on concentrated solar power (CSP) industry. However, "high cost" is always a big question, in the Survey launched by CSP Focus earlier, most of the industry players agree that we should expand CSP [...]

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ENEXIO presents innovative cooling technology at North Africa Renewable Energy Summit

People who have to survive years of drought would certainly appreciate some of the rainfall that other regions of the world receive or in general to have more water resources available. That’s why ENEXIO and 12 further organizations are partnering within MinWaterCSP to develop customized, reliable and sustainable solutions [...]

European institutions strike overnight deal on 32% binding renewable energy target

Negotiators from the European Parliament and Member States agreed to increase the EU renewable energy target for 2030 to 32% with a possibility for upward revision in 2023. - This is a significant improvement over the target of at least 27% the European Commission tabled in November [...]

SUPCON Solar introduce 10MW+50MW tower Concentrated Solar Power plant experience to Morocco

As a well-known CSP tower pioneer in China, SUPCON Solar has been devoting into independent R &D of molten salt CSP tower technology, project development and construction, and focusing on CSP key component development for over 8 years. July 2013, SUPCON built 10MW tower CSP project in Delingha, which is [...]

Georgia Tech Faculty Win Research Awards to Advance Concentrated Solar Power

Georgia Institute of Technology researchers are part of a new U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) initiative to develop the next generation of concentrated solar power (CSP), a technology that uses heat from the sun to turn power-generating turbines. CSP is an alternative to the better known photovoltaic technology, which produces [...]

Luis Crespo, re-elected president of Protermosolar

The General Meeting of the Spanish Association for the Promotion of the Solar Thermal Industry (Protermosolar), has re-elected unanimously president of Protermosolar for a period of two years. Luis Crespo, who from 2008 to 2016 served as general secretary, was elected president of Protermosolar in 2016. Luis Crespo is a [...]

Africa-Europe concentrated solar power link: a solar land grab?

The “desert solar” idea has been around for some time, and several large concentrated solar power (CSP) projects are now running in North Africa. Morocco, for example, is building a series of CSP arrays covering about 1.4 million square metres, with Noor 1 already generating power from its 160 MW [...]

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