Guideline for bankable solar thermal energy yield assessment

Solar thermal energy (STE), often named Concentrating Solar  Power (CSP), is expected to play an important role in the world’s future electricity supply. Thermal energy storage, an essential part of a concentrating solar thermal power plant, allows for decoupling of solar energy harvest and subsequent electricity production. By this [...]

UAE announces ‘Energy Strategy 2050’

Gulf nation to invest $163 billion towards diversifying energy with plans to generate 44 percent of its power from renewables by 2050. The United Arab Emirates announced Tuesday plans to invest 600 billion dirhams ($163 billion) in projects to generate almost half the country's power needs from renewables. "Our aim [...]

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When and how is investing in a concentrated solar power plant worth it?

Scientists from DLR have, together with partners, compiled a guide to calculate the yield from a solar power plant before operations have started. The project financing of solar power plants should be easier with the guide and their competitiveness consequently given a boost. Scientists from the German Aerospace Center [...]

4 biddings for China NWEPDI Hami 50MW MS Tower Concentrated Solar Power project opens next week

As one of China 1st phase of 20 pilot CSP projects, NWEPDI 50MW MS Tower CSP project has been announced to open its purchasing tender next week on January 16th. There will be four separate biddings: Solar collection system Steam generator Steam turbine Generator equipment Click to free download List [...]

Concentrated solar power for oil fields

As oil giant Petroleum Development Oman and solar start-up Glasspoint prepare to build the world’s largest solar farm to provide power for an oilfield in the Middle East, we ask whether this marks the beginning of a new, greener era for the oil and gas sector. Oil giant Petroleum Development [...]

ACWA Power Sets Separate Company for Renewable Energy Assets

With its global aggressive push in the renewable energy sector, Saudi Arabia-based company ACWA Power has launched a separate company to take control of its clean energy assets. ACWA Power RenewCo will absorb around 1 gigawatt (GW) of operational renewable energy assets. The company stated that all these projects have [...]

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Ingeteam to engineer China’s first large Concentrated Solar Power project

Spain's Ingeteam has won the detailed engineering contract for the 50 MW Qinghai Delingha CSP project in China, the first commercial scale plant in the country. Qinghai Delingha is being developed by CGN Delingha Solar Energy. Ingeteam is to develop the detailed engineering for the solar plant, including the process [...]

China says 1.35 GW of Concentrated Solar Power projects to be ready by 2018

China’s National Energy Administration (NEA) on Tuesday unveiled a list of 20 solar thermal power, or CSP, demonstration projects with a combined capacity of 1,349 MW that it will aim to put on stream by the end of 2018. The industry body called out to all parties involved in the [...]

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Life Cycle Assessment of a HYSOL Concentrated Solar Power Plant

Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) technology is developing in order to achieve higher energy efficiency, reduced economic costs, and improved firmness and dispatchability in the generation of power on demand. To this purpose, a research project titled HYSOL has developed a new power plant, consisting of a combined cycle configuration with [...]

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Solar Impulse 2 soars over Gemasolar, Sener’s Solar Thermal Plant in Seville

Shortly after taking off from Seville, Spain en route to Cairo, Egypt, Solar Impulse 2 flew directly over the Gemasolar Thermosolar Plant, a highly advanced facility run by Torresol Energy, a joint venture between Masdar and Sener. The 20-megawatt plant is the world’s first utility-scale solar power plant to combine [...]

Dubai will launch concentrated solar power (CSP) projects to generate 1,000 megawatts by 2030

The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) will launch concentrated solar power (CSP) projects to generate 1,000 megawatts by 2030. The DEWA said the projects aim to raise the total power output to 25 per cent. In order to realise the ambitious projects, DEWA has submitted proposals to international CSP [...]

Concentrated Solar Power new facilities online in 2015

Morocco (160 MW), South Africa (150 MW) and the United States (110 MW) all brought new CSP facilities online in 2015, raising total global capacity by about 10% to nearly 4.8 GW. The new facilities represent a mix of parabolic trough and tower technologies, and all incorporate thermal energy storage [...]

Aalborg CSP supplies concentrated solar power system for combined heat and power generation in Denmark

Aalborg CSP supplies concentrated solar power system for combined heat and power generation in Denmark   Aalborg CSP, leading developer and supplier of innovative renewable energy technologies, has been selected to design and deliver a concentrated solar power (CSP) system to be integrated with a biomass-fueled organic rankine cycle (ORC) [...]