Global solar thermal power revolution urges for Concentrated Solar Power innovations

The Concentrated Solar Power industry peers are happy to see the fast growing capacity of global CSP projects especially starting from last year 2018, and a continuous expanding is expected this year thanks to the contribution from China and Middle East & Africa. However, "high cost" is always a question [...]

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Could China’s Global Grid Idea Help Grow Concentrated Solar Power?

China has an ambitious proposal for a global HVDC grid to transfer renewable energy throughout the world. Interconnected regional electricity networks would be connected to a backbone of HVDC lines that would become a globe-spanning super grid by 2050. Advancing the idea is China’s Global Energy Interconnection Development and [...]

U.S. to develop concrete thermal storage

The U.S. Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) is to lead a $5-million research project to develop concrete thermal energy storage (CTES) technology that could be used in Concentrated Solar Power and conventional power plants, EPRI announced July 1. "Concrete thermal energy storage has the potential to be significantly cheaper [...]

CSP Madrid 2019 | 19-20 November 2019 | Hotel NH Madrid Ventas

2019 at the European hub for the global solar thermal industry: 2018 demonstrated a decline in Concentrated Solar Power costs (26% reduction) and a rise in capacity factors (up to 45%). With intermittent renewable penetration growing in global grid systems, now is the time to secure your company’s future [...]

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Protermosolar: Concentrated Solar Power sets a historical generation record in the first half of 2019 in Spain

Solar thermal power has set a record for electricity generation, surpassing 2,801 GWh in the first half of 2019, which represents a generation volume 19.3% higher than the historical average, according to the REE data collected by Protermosolar, the Spanish Association for the Promotion of the Solar Thermal Industry, which [...]

The Concentrated Solar Power generated 3.9% of electricity in Spain in June

Renewable energies generated 38.4% of electricity until June in Spain: wind energy 21.4%, solar thermal 2.2% and photovoltaic 3.5%. In June, wind power accounted for 15.6%, concentrated solar power for 3.9% and photovoltaic for 4.3%. Wind turbines generated 27,229 GWh of electricity in the first half of the year (21.4% [...]

China’s Silk Road Fund acquires 49% of ACWA Power Renewable Energy

China's Silk Road Fund has purchased a 49% stake in ACWA Power Renewable Energy (ACWA Power RenewCo), the Saudi Arabian group announced June 23. ACWA Power is a leading solar and wind developer in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and the dominant developer of CSP plants in [...]

Kuwait eyes up to 400 MW of Concentrated Solar Power

Kuwait has expanded its 2030 renewables target at the Shagaya renewable energy complex to 4 GW but Concentrated Solar Power developers will have to wait until a third phase of development, due online in 2025-26, to secure projects, Osamah Alsayegh, Executive Director of Energy & Building Research Center at KISR, [...]

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SoCalGas displays innovative energy technology projects at San Diego State University

SoCalGas, in collaboration with several partners, displayed some innovative renewable energy technology projects at the San Diego State University Center for Energy Sustainability in Brawley, California. The projects support the commercialization of low-cost, commercial-scale renewable energy technology. They were done along with assistance from Hyperlight Energy, Genifuel Corporation, the [...]

LOINTEK expands its Urduliz plant with three new industrial units

The Biscay-based company LOINTEK, a manufacturer of large, high-tech industrial equipment adapted to the unique needs of its clients, has been awarded a disused industrial property by public tender. The site belongs to Biscay Council and was previously owned by Mecánica de la Peña, whose current facilities are adjacent to [...]

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A Solar Process Like Gas Reforming Makes Green Hydrogen Cheaper

A preliminary study of the average cost of a novel process for producing solar hydrogen in several locations in Australia finds it could come close to the US DOE renewable hydrogen target of $3 per kilogram. The way that hydrogen is reformed from natural gas is a well-established, low-cost process. [...]

EPRI to Lead $5 Million DOE/NETL Project to Test Concrete Thermal Energy Storage Technology

The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) has been selected by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) to lead a pilot project to test concrete thermal energy storage (CTES). Participants in the $5 million project will design, construct, and test a CTES system to [...]

China To Dominate Concentrated Solar Power Revival in Long Term

Concentrated Solar Power is the technology which uses mirrors to concentrate the sun’s energy to drive traditional steam turbines or engines that create electricity. The thermal energy concentrated in a CSP plant can be stored and used to produce electricity when it is needed, day or night. Concentrated solar [...]