Three solar modules of world’s first commercial beam-down tower Concentrated Solar Power project to be connected to grid

Yumen Xinneng 50 MW molten salt tower CConcentrated Solar Power plant is China's only pilot project taking innovative beam down CSP tower technology and also will be the first large-scale commercial CSP project in the world of this kind. It is expected that No.1-3 Modules will be completed and connected [...]

Concentrated Solar Power would supply the round-the-clock heat needed in that mining processes

Iron, nickel, alumina and copper mining processes are among the industrial processes that require heat at between 700°C and 1000°C. The advanced concentrated solar thermal (CST) reactors being developed by researchers globally can attain temperatures this high (and higher, up to 1500°C). But CEOs in mining and mineral processing [...]

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Scientists use past research on salts to develop concentrated solar power

Concentrated solar power and nuclear power may appear to be extremely different energy sources. Nuclear power originates from the energy discharged when neutrons crash into uranium atoms, splitting them apart. Solar power originates from the sunlight shining down on earth. However, a few concentrated solar power plants turn that light [...]

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Economic potential to develop concentrated solar power in China: A provincial assessment

Analyze the current feasibility and future potential of concentrated solar power (CSP) development in China. Evaluate the levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) of different CSP technologies for 31 provincial devisions in China. Calculate the provincial LCOE by considering local policies and metrological conditions. Propose some policy recommendations on developing CSP [...]

SolarReserve’s Concentrated Solar Power technology with storage struggles to stay online

One of the US' two large concentrating solar power plants that have attached storage continues to have difficulties remaining online after going commercial almost four years ago. The 110-MW Crescent Dunes Concentrated Solar Power facility near Tonopah, Nevada, was offline most of the second quarter of this year, reporting [...]

Morocco prioritises world’s largest concentrated solar power plant

Morocco's status as a global poster-boy for renewable energy was confirmed in May when it signed a $780mn contract to build Noor Midelt, a plant that solves solar energy's biggest problem: what happens when the sun goes down? The concentrated solar power plant, to be built by a French-led consortium, [...]

China Luneng Haixi 50 MW Tower Concentrated Solar Power project to operate end August

Luneng Haixi 50MW Molten Salt Tower Concentrated Solar Power Project is a crucial part of 700 MW Luneng Haixi Geermu Multi-energy Complement Integration Optimization Pilot Project, which consists of 200 MW PV, 400 MW Wind energy, 50 MW Concentrated Solar Power and 50 MW energy storage system. The 50MW [...]

World Bank guarantees operation of South Africa’s KaXu Solar One Concentrated Solar Power plant

The Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA), part of the World Bank Group, has issued guarantees to Atlantica Yield PLC to cover the ownership and operation of the 100-MW KaXu Solar One concentrated solar power (CSP) park in South Africa. The guarantees are worth USD 98.6 million (EUR 88.5m) and are [...]

First Concentrated Solar Power plant in Chile and Latin America has 80% progress

The concentrating solar thermal power plant is spread over 700 hectares and can already be appreciated from the air when the region overflies. Cerro Dominador Concentrated Solar Power project, in María Elena, already has 7,000 heliostats that point to a tower where electricity is generated. This initiative will be [...]

Middle East and North Africa’s Concentrated Solar Power Knowledge and Innovation Program

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) technology with heat storage can now cost-effectively provide 24-hour dispatchable renewable energy in countries with a lot of sunshine. Yet a lack of familiarity with the technology meant that many countries in the Middle East and North Africa were not adopting it. How we helped Castalia [...]

Oman’s OPWP plans 1,200 MW Concentrated Solar Power project

Oman Power and Water Procurement Company (OPWP) is considering the establishment of the sultanate's first solar thermal project, a concentrated solar power (CSP) plant in Duqm that will be built if an existing proposal for a clean coal independent power producer (IPP) project in the area does not receive government [...]

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Morocco follows lowest ever Concentrated Solar Power price with fresh tender

Morocco has launched a tender for the 230 MW Noor Midelt II CSP-PV plant in central Morocco, following the recent allocation of the 800 MW Noor Midelt I project to an EDF-led consortium at a record-low price of 68 dirhams/MWh ($71/MWh). Developers will have until September 16 to prequalify [...]

Oman mulls thermal concentrated solar power project

The Oman Power and Water Procurement Company (OPWP) — the sole procurer of new electricity and water capacity under the Sector Law — is mulling plans to set up the first-ever solar thermal project to support the future energy requirements of the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) at Duqm. The [...]