World Bank Program Explores Concentrated Solar Power Potential in Middle East & North Africa

Morocco’s Noor-Ouarzazate Solar complex hosts the launch of the World Bank Middle East & North Africa Concentrated Solar Power Knowledge & Innovation Program More than 100 senior energy officials from 7 MENA countries have gathered in Ouarzazate, Morocco for the first session of the World Bank Middle East & North [...]

SolarReserve receives environmental approval for 450 MW 24/7 baseload Concentrated Solar Power plant in Chile

SolarReserve, the industry leader in baseload solar power solutions and advanced solar thermal technology with energy storage, has received environmental approval from the Chilean government to build one of the world’s largest solar projects with energy storage. Rendering of SolarReserve’s 450 MW Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) Tamarugal Solar Project [...]

Thermochemical Energy Storage for Concentrated Solar Power using natural limestone

The share of renewable energies is rapidly growing partly in response to the urgent need of mitigating CO2 emissions from fossil fuel power plants. However, cheap and efficient large-scale energy storage technologies are not yet available to allow for a significant penetration of renewable energies into the grid. Recently, it [...]

South Australia energy minister offers hope for Concentrated Solar Power and storage

The threat of three state Liberal parties to unwind the renewable energy targets in South Australia, Victoria and Queensland has elicited an encouraging response from SA energy minister Tom Koutsantonis about the attraction of solar thermal energy as a “dispatchable” energy source. The Liberal party in SA, led by [...]

Concentrated Solar Power plants with 10+ hours of built in storage are available now

A Renewable Energy Target which rewards all generated MWhs equally has driven the successful uptake of the cheapest technologies for creating MWhs – what a surprise! Building large LNG export plants connected to the East Coast gas system has pulled gas prices up to world parity – what a [...]

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The future looks bright for Concentrated Solar Power

New technology is helping to reduce costs and enabling CSP plants to generate electrical power 24 hours per day. If you are keeping upwith the news, then you are aware of the quiet revolution that is taking place in the power-generation market, especially in some countries. Renewables, such as [...]

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Concentrated Solar Power in Morocco

A year on from the launch of Morocco’s Noor I solar farm, the North African country is continuing to take positive steps to reduce their environmental impact by transitioning to renewable energy sources. Having declared at COP21 in Paris last year that they were aiming to generate 52% of [...]

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Molten salt instead of thermal oil in Concentrated Solar Power parabolic trough plants shall reduce the levelized electricity costs

An international consortium led by the DLR Institute of Solar Research, will build and operate a solar thermal molten salt parabolic trough test facility in Évora (Portugal). Members of the consortium are the German companies TSK Flagsol Engineering, eltherm, Yara, and Steinmüller Engineering, the South African energy provider Eskom [...]

4 biddings for China NWEPDI Hami 50MW MS Tower Concentrated Solar Power project opens next week

As one of China 1st phase of 20 pilot CSP projects, NWEPDI 50MW MS Tower CSP project has been announced to open its purchasing tender next week on January 16th. There will be four separate biddings: Solar collection system Steam generator Steam turbine Generator equipment Click to free download List [...]

Could Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Meet 100% of US Energy Needs by 2050?

According to current estimates, the world has approximately 75 years before recoverable fossil fuels are completely depleted, give or take 15 years. This means that as early as 2075 and as late as 2106 the world will have used all technically and economically recoverable fossil fuels. The question is which [...]

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DEWA organises Energy Storage workshop in cooperation with CENER

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has organised a two-day workshop on Energy Storage in cooperation with the Spanish National Renewable Energy Centre (CENER). The workshop supports DEWA’s role as a platform for sharing knowledge and expertise and its efforts to keep its staff and partners up-to-date with the latest [...]

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IFC supports concentrated solar power complex in Morocco

IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, has agreed to a $20 million equity investment in ACWA Power Ouarzazate, which has developed the 160 MW NOORo 1 concentrated solar power (“CSP”) parabolic trough plant with three-hour storage near Ouarzazate, Morocco.  IFC’s investment will help support the development of Morocco’s [...]

Integration of Concentrated Solar Power and liquid air energy storage

The University of Birmingham and the University of Melbourne are offering this joint PhD co-funded by both institutions providing the opportunity to study alongside world-leading academics in Birmingham and Melbourne. Many forms of renewable energy supply are intermittent, relying on storage or backup to provide uninterrupted power. Concentrated Solar Power [...]