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CAPTure prototype started at Plataforma Solar de Almería

By the end of 2019 the testing of the CAPTure prototype started at Plataforma Solar de Almería. In January 2020, part of the air solar receiver unit is successfully running and the next steps will focus on the testing of the other components of the prototype assembled at Plataforma Solar [...]

TerraForm closes 100 MW Concentrated Solar Power buy in Spain

US renewable power producer TerraForm Power has acquired two concentrated solar power (CSP) plants totalling roughly 100 MW in Spain from NextEra Energy Spain Holdings BV, a Netherlands-based unit of NextEra Energy Inc. A wholly-owned unit of TerraForm Power paid a total equity purchase price of EUR 94.1 million (USD [...]

Cerro Dominador concentrated solar power project has culminated another important phase

The pioneering Cerro Dominador solar thermal project has culminated another important phase in its development process with the start of salt fusion works. This concentrating solar power project, in which MMYPEM participates, aims to build a 100MW photovoltaic plant and the first solar thermal plant in Latin America, which [...]

Concentrated Solar Power the way forward for is Australia despite hiccups

As the world looks to Germany as a shining example of how to shift away from polluting coal power, a Queensland-based nuclear expert says solar thermal power is the way forward for Australia. Paul Wilson, a nuclear engineer with almost five decades' experience, told ABC Radio Brisbane's Steve Austin he [...]

Cyprus passes EUR 60.2 million guarantee for concentrated solar power project

Solastor from Australia devised the solution. Alfa Mediterranean is waiting for a loan from the European Investment Bank to start building the concentrated solar power system. It is backed by an EU program. The minority government of Cyprus has succeeded in its fourth attempt to squeeze a European NER300 [...]

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Flow Control in Concentrated Solar Power Generation

Concentrated solar power plants are aggressive environments rife with high temperatures, drastic temperature changes, excessive vibration, extreme characteristics and volatile ambient conditions. Flow management systems, especially piping system components, must be able to perform reliably within these aggressive environments, and the materials from which these valves are manufactured play a [...]

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Why thinking small could help reignite the concentrated solar power sector

Concentrated solar power accounts for only a fraction of the overall green energy market, but recent research suggests smaller-scale designs could help revitalise interest in the sector. We talk to Luis Crespo, president of Protermosolar, Spain's solar thermal electricity association. With demand for clean, affordable energy spiking around the world, [...]

Concentrated Solar Heat to Desalinate Seawater at Saudi Neom City

Saudi Arabia has appointed the UK-based Solar Water PLC to build the first ‘carbon-neutral’ desalination plant in the city of Neom. The desalination plant will use concentrated solar power to heat a steel dome that boils the seawater. Heliostats (mirrors) surround a 25 meter tall glass dome to reflect concentrated [...]

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Self-aligning heliostats arrive to slice Concentrated Solar Power costs

Soon to hit the market, auto-calibrating heliostat systems will cut capex, accelerate construction times and expand siting potential, suppliers told New Energy Update. As CSP developers drive for lower costs, heliostat performance has become a key area of research. Heliostats can represent half of the capital costs of a [...]

Morocco, Arab Leader in Electricity Generation from Renewable Energy

Morocco aims to have renewable energy constitute 42% of its energy production by the end of 2020. Morocco remains a leader in the Arab world in terms of electricity from renewable energy, a study from the King Abdullah Center for Petroleum Studies and Research has found. The study reveals Morocco [...]

HELIOtube, plastic tube solar collector for Concentrated Solar Power

HELIOVIS has been running a demo plant in Spain for two years demonstrating their novel low-cost blow-up plastic tube solar collector for CSP. The small startup is fighting hard to get the industry-scale financial backing needed to introduce the technology and to make commercial sales. IMAGE@HELIOVIS – How the pneumatic [...]

High-Flux Solar Furnace

NREL's High-Flux Solar Furnace (HFSF) is a unique 10-kilowatt optical furnace that harnesses concentrated sunlight to test high-temperature processes or applications requiring high heating rates or solar concentration. At the top of NREL's South Table Mountain campus, the HFSF is a unique user facility for testing high-temperature processes and applications. [...]

Futuristic desert city to get water using concentrated solar power technology developed at Cranfield

Technology researched at Cranfield University that harnesses concentrated solar power to desalinate sea water is being adopted by a new smart city under construction in Saudi Arabia. NEOM – a region in northwest Saudi Arabia on the Red Sea being built from the ground up as a living laboratory – [...]