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World Bank Program Explores Concentrated Solar Power Potential in Middle East & North Africa

Morocco’s Noor-Ouarzazate Solar complex hosts the launch of the World Bank Middle East & North Africa Concentrated Solar Power Knowledge & Innovation Program More than 100 senior energy officials from 7 MENA countries have gathered in Ouarzazate, Morocco for the first session of the World Bank Middle East & North [...]

SolarReserve receives environmental approval for 450 MW 24/7 baseload Concentrated Solar Power plant in Chile

SolarReserve, the industry leader in baseload solar power solutions and advanced solar thermal technology with energy storage, has received environmental approval from the Chilean government to build one of the world’s largest solar projects with energy storage. Rendering of SolarReserve’s 450 MW Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) Tamarugal Solar Project [...]

Rayspower Yumen 50 MW Parabolic Trough Concentrated Solar Power project open bid for EPC contractor

On February 28, Rayspower Energy Group Co., Ltd. published the bidding announcement, showing that Rayspower Yumen 50MW parabolic trough CSP project opens bid for EPC contractor of thermal storage island, and the bid deadline is set at March 31, 2017. The bidding announcement shows that this procurement includes heat [...]

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China announced the Concentrated Solar Power projects

China National Energy Administration issued a notice on construction of concentrating solar power (CSP) demonstration plants. First, the notice stated that the first group of CSP demo projects was determined by the expert panel, including 20 projects in total, with a total installation capacity is 1.349GW, which is distributed [...]

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Video Made in Kern: GlassPoint Solar – ABC 23 KERO – Bakersfield

In a vast area on the western edge of Kern County oil derrick’s dot the land. A network of pipes and production plants fill the backdrop of snowcapped mountains. And in the middle of those familiar signs of oil production, a building that may look out of place, but [...]

EPC tender announced for China CPECC Hami 50 MW MS Tower Concentrated Solar Power project

CPECC Hami 50MW MS Tower CSP project, one of China 1st phase 20 pilot projects is owned and developed by China National Electric Engineering Corporation (CPECC), has been announced to call for EPC contractor. The project is expected to be started this April 20 and commissioned on September 30, [...]

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Thermochemical Energy Storage for Concentrated Solar Power using natural limestone

The share of renewable energies is rapidly growing partly in response to the urgent need of mitigating CO2 emissions from fossil fuel power plants. However, cheap and efficient large-scale energy storage technologies are not yet available to allow for a significant penetration of renewable energies into the grid. Recently, it [...]

Ph.D. Student within Energy Technology – group for concentrated solar power

KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm has grown to become one of Europe’s leading technical and engineering universities, as well as a key centre of intellectual talent and innovation. We are Sweden’s largest technical research and learning institution and home to students, researchers and faculty from around the world. [...]

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Tenders line up for Concentrated Solar Power Tower Plant

China Power Engineering Consulting Group Northwest Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd. (referred to as the Northwest Institute) Hami 50MW tower molten salt power generation project’s concentrating solar system launched its bid opening On February 18, and there are six bidders involved in the bid. The six bidders are as follows: 1. Beijing [...]

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Hybrid Microgrid in Italy to Include Concentrated Solar Power

Development is underway on the Italian island of Sardinia of a 1.2 MW hybrid microgrid that incorporates concentrating solar power (CSP), a diversion from the more common use of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels in microgrids. CSP condenses the sun’s rays into a small area, typically through use of mirrors or [...]

How South Australia can function reliably while moving to 100% renewables

Despite the criticism levelled at South Australia over its renewable energy ambitions, the state is nevertheless aiming to be carbon neutral by mid-century), which will mean moving to 100% renewable electricity over the next 15-20 years. The biggest challenge will be meeting the 2-3 hours of peak demand during the [...]

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Saudi Arabia invites bids for 700MW renewable energy projects

Saudi Arabia has invited pre-qualification bids from leading global and regional construction companies to develop 700MW renewable energy projects under the first phase of its National Renewable Energy Programme, said a report. The Phase One projects include a 300 MW solar facility at Sakaka in the kingdom’s northern Al Jouf [...]

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Middle East develops 1.3 GW of Concentrated Solar Power projects

Around 1.3 GW of CSP capacity is under development in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), according to a new report from the Middle East Solar Industry Association (MESIA). Projects are at bidding stage in Morocco, Iran, Kuwait and United Arab Emirates (UAE), while projects are planning stage in [...]

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