Solana Concentrated Solar Power Plant’s Weak Output Will Improve

The Solana Concentrated Solar Power plant near Gila Bend has turned in a weak performance in its first year-and-a-half in operation, but officials say it's about to show a dramatic improvement.

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Mojave 280 MW declares commercial operation

Located 100 miles northeast of Los Angeles, Mojave Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) generates clean electricity to power approximately 90,000 households in California.

Abengoa Yield’s Solana Concentrated Solar Power Plant in Arizona Wins an Energy Storage North America Innovation Award

Solana is the first commercial Concentrated Solar Power Plant in the United States to use this new thermal energy storage technology.

ASU students experience cutting-edge Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) technology at Sandia National Lab

"The energy technology that impressed me the most at Sandia was the 'Sunshine to Petrol' project," said chemistry and biochemistry doctoral student Joseph Laureanti.

Molten salt storage gives push to US concentrated solar power (CSP)

Molten salt thermal energy storage, the technology that extends a concentrated solar power station’s daily operating life by up to six hours, is gathering momentum in the United States.

Solana Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Plant Sparks Questions About The Politics Of Solar Energy

Solana is the first concentrated solar power plant that uses a mixture of salt and water to store electricity for peak demand periods like after 5 p.m.