How South Australia can function reliably while moving to 100% renewables

Despite the criticism levelled at South Australia over its renewable energy ambitions, the state is nevertheless aiming to be carbon neutral by mid-century), which will mean moving to 100% renewable electricity over the next 15-20 years. The biggest challenge will be meeting the 2-3 hours of peak demand during the [...]

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South Australia energy minister offers hope for Concentrated Solar Power and storage

The threat of three state Liberal parties to unwind the renewable energy targets in South Australia, Victoria and Queensland has elicited an encouraging response from SA energy minister Tom Koutsantonis about the attraction of solar thermal energy as a “dispatchable” energy source. The Liberal party in SA, led by [...]

Port Augusta community group wants action on Concentrated Solar Power

Repower Port Augusta is calling on the state and federal government to make a Solar Thermal Power Station in Port Augusta a reality. The call follows around 90,000 Adelaide metropolitan homes and businesses being without power on Wednesday night, February 8. In a February 9 press conference, South Australian [...]

Australia’s first commercial concentrated solar power plant at White Cliffs

As with any experiment, you would expect some surprises but the secrets behind Australia's — if not the world's — first commercial solar power plant are fascinating. Wandering camels and goats kept the grass down while sandwiches were toasted and billies boiled by the sun's rays. In 1979, the [...]

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CSIRO Innovation Fund launched

The Turnbull Government has launched a $200 million CSIRO Innovation Fund which will commercialise early stage innovations from CSIRO, universities and other publicly-funded research bodies. This joint government-private sector fund will help Australia's home grown innovations become successful businesses, and in doing so create jobs and boost Australia's productivity and [...]

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Port Augusta pushes for Concentrated Solar Power

A campaign to transform Port Augusta’s coal fired power to renewable solar thermal technology is gaining momentum. Lobby group Repower Port Augusta has announced the result of a community vote that received 4000 responses, with 98 per cent in favour of solar thermal power over the alternative option of gas. [...]

Growing food with seawater and concentrated solar power

In a desert region of southern Australia is a farm that – without the use of soil, fresh water, or fossil fuels – grows and supplies 15 percent of the entire country’s tomatoes through state-of-the-art technology. Earlier this month Sundrop Farms marked the launch of what it called the “first [...]

Aalborg CSP’s tomato growing Concentrated Solar Power plant goes online in the Australian desert

The first industrial-scale concentrated solar power technology enabling horticultural activities in the desert has gone online in South Australia today. With the official opening ceremony conducted this morning, the solar energy system developed by Aalborg CSP is already producing renewable energy and desalinated fresh water to secure the production of [...]

Australia hopes 660 MW of concentrated solar power

SolarReserve has now proposed a total of six CSP projects near Port Augusta in South Australia that would be clones of its 110 MW Crescent Dunes project in Tonopah, Nevada. SolarReserve’s dispatchable solar can be switched on day or night because it incorporates thermal energy storage. I spoke with SolarReserve CEO Kevin Smith, who was [...]

Plan for six concentrated solar power plants to create 24,000 jobs

SIX solar thermal plants built across the north of the state would create 24,000 jobs and could collectively create a power station able to deliver as much energy as SA sources from Victoria. American company SolarReserve has been working on a proposal for a large-scale solar thermal project at Port [...]

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SolarReserve unveils plans for 6 Concentrated Solar Power projects in South Australia

SolarReserve LLC has plans to build six large concentrating solar power (CSP) parks with storage capacity in South Australia, but all will depend on the success of its first project in the country. CEO Kevin Smith told reporters on Monday that the company needs federal grants or loans to realise [...]

Australian scientists set a world record for Concentrated Solar Power efficiency

Scientists at the Australian National University have set a world record for efficiency for a solar thermal dish generating steam for power stations. The team halved energy losses and achieved a 97 percent conversion of sunlight into steam through a new receiver for a solar concentrator dish. This beats commercial [...]

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Open Letter Urges Concentrated Solar Power For Port Augusta

Marking the three month anniversary of the Port Augusta coal station closure, an open letter sent to Premier Weatherill urges his government to support a massive solar thermal + storage project in Port Augusta. Signed by parties including the Mayor of Port Augusta, Port Augusta City Council and Repower Port [...]

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