Namibia-Botswana project for building both photovoltaic and concentrated solar power plants

The signing of an agreement between Namibia and Botswana to construct a mega solar photovoltaic project is imminent, Namibian Minister for Mines and Energy Tom Alweendo has shared. A full feasibility study will then follow to determine the location and size of the project setting in motion construction plans for [...]

New trans-Africa Concentrated Solar Power, PV plan tests regional scaling skills

A 4.5 GW solar build plan proposed by multilaterals and governments in Botswana and Namibia will present significant scaling challenges, requiring clear political momentum and a ramped tendering and development process, regional experts told New Energy Update. In August, the World Economic Forum's Global Future Council on Energy unveiled a [...]

A solar initiative will help southern Africa shine

Mega-solar projects – large-scale installations capable of producing upwards of hundreds of megawatts (MW) of power – are generating much-needed electricity in countries all over the world. In sunny southern Africa, however, a historic lack of public-private partnerships outside of South Africa and, until recently, Zambia, to develop such [...]

Assessment of the concentrated solar power potential in Botswana

Highlights•Botswana has more than 1800 kWhy−1 of direct normal irradiance (DNI) which exceeds the threshold for economic viability of concentrating solar power (CSP) technology. Botswana has approximately 220,016 km2 of available land to support CSP plants, which represents approximately 38% of the total land area.•The largest proportion of available land relative [...]

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Major Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) developers to discuss Southern Africa’s potential market

Namibia is preparing its first 50 MW concentrated solar power project and Botswana has too plans to include renewable energy amongst its energy portfolio.