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Abengoa celebrates the start of the project that will be Latin America’s first Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plant

The Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plant will use an advanced storage system enabling it to generate electricity for up to 18 hours without direct solar radiation

Abengoa says Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) with energy storage will beat baseload gas by 2020

One of the world’s leading developers of solar energy says that concentrated solar power tower technology with storage will be competitive with baseload gas generation by 2020.

Tower technology to lead Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) industry in Chile

With the latest announcement of Abengoa winning the first international bid in Chile with a tower Concentrated Solar Power project, the market trend towards this technology grows.

Chilean Energy Ministry announced the first Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plant in Chile and Latin-America

The Chilean Energy Ministry and CORFO announced the winner of the International contest for the first Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plant on Chile and Latin-America.

Abengoa enters the SEA the project for a 110 MW Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) in Chile

The solar energy of Abengoa will be located in the town of Maria Elena in Region II and will have 210 MW, 110 MW of concentrating solar thermal power tower 110 and 100 MW of solar photovoltaic (PV).