Concentrated Solar Power could help China cut climate action costs

A new study has pointed out ways through which China can cut its climate action costs – by going for solar thermal energy. The study recommends that China’s power systems operators must invest in renewable energy to meet climate commitments. Wind power and PV are the lowest cost renewables, but [...]

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Two Abengoa joined 50 MW Concentrated Solar Power plants in China progressed well

Abengoa is actively present in the high growth market of China. As shared during CSP Focus Beijing conference earlier this year, Abengoa has been participating with engineering and technology in two of China commercial CSP projects in progress: 50MW Yumen Royal Tech Parabolic Trough and 50MW Luneng Haixi Molten [...]

Sbps deep join China concentrated solar power industry with innovative CSP collectors

Since 1980, the year of its foundation, the design and construction of ambitious buildings has been in the focus of sbps work. Its projects range from wide-span light-weight roofs, a diversity of bridges, slender towers, innovative building constructions to pioneering solar power plants. The qualification and sound performance of [...]

China Supcon Delingha 50MW Tower Concentrated Solar Power plant

The 50MW project will be finished by the end of this year and achieve stable output in February 2019. Amongst China 1st batch of CSP demonstrations, SUPCON Solar Delingha 50MW CSP plant takes molten salt central tower technology with 7 hours' thermal electricity storage system. A total number of [...]

China Concentrated Solar Power demos 16 totaling 1014 MW to be completed successively by 2020

China government clearly stated that only those which could be completed and put into production by December 31, 2018, would adopt the benchmark on-grid price of RMB 1.15 per kilowatt-hour (inclusive of taxes). However, according to the actual conditions of the 1st batch of 20 demonstration projects, the construction deadline [...]

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Shouhang Dunhuang 100 MW Molten Salt Tower Concentrated Solar Power Project

Shouhang Dunhuang 100MW Molten Salt Tower CSP Project, one of the first batch of CSP pilot projects in China is now undergoing steady progress in development. The project, belonging to the second phase of Shouhang’s Dunhuang CSP plan (Phase one 10MW completed) is the largest molten salt tower CSP [...]

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Abengoa’s Participation in China’s two Concentrated Solar Power Demonstration Projects

CSP technology is still in its infancy in China, but it has a longer history worldwide. How does the LCOE of CSP develop in the world? how to use this experience to develop CSP Project in China? On 20~22 June 2018, the Fifth China International CSP conference held in [...]

CGN Solar Delingha 50 MW parabolic trough Concentrated Solar Power plant

The CGN Solar Delingha 50MW parabolic trough CSP plant is one of China’s first  batch of demonstration CSP projects and leads the construction progress. The project has a total investment of 1.938 billion yuan and is equipped with 9 hours of molten salt heat storage. Once completed, CGN Solar Delingha [...]

Shanghai Electric acquired Yumen Xinneng 50MW Beam-down tower Concentrated Solar Power Project Owner

Yumen Xinneng 50MW molten salt tower CSP plant was officially selected as one of China 1st batch of CSP pilot projects in September 2016. It is the only pilot project taking innovative beam down CSP tower technology. Suzhou Thvom Technology Co., Ltd (shorted as Thvom) occupied 85% share of [...]

Webinar: China Concentrated Solar Power Market Update

Tuesday 4th Sept, 14:00 CEST   (Check your local time) Sponsored by: China is becoming a main player in the global CSP industry. It has also become one of the largest markets for CSP with 20 projects currently under construction. In this first session we look at the development of [...]

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China 1st Concentrated Solar Power pilot project-CGN Delingha

As CSP Focus reported earlier at the end of last month, CGN Delingha 50MW parabolic trough concentrated solar power (CSP) plant, China first large-scale commercial CSP project, was successfully connected to the grid in the evening of June 30. The success of this project is absolutely a great milestone [...]

Suppliers List of China 13 Key Concentrated Solar Power Projects

China now is commonly recognized as one of the most promising emerging markets for global concentrated solar power (CSP) industry. The situation and progress of the 1st phase of 20 pilot CSP projects is one of the most eye-catching issues which the industry players are looking at. As CSP [...]

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China Invests Heavily in Concentrated Solar Power

China’s power system operators must invest in renewable energy to meet climate commitments. The cheapest options are wind power and PV, but they deliver power only when it’s sunny or windy. Their more expensive alternative, Concentrated Solar Power, can store its solar energy relatively inexpensively, also for long durations, and [...]

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