Dongfang Electric Corporation Wins Bid of Turbine and Generator for Royal Tech 50MW Yumen Concentrated Solar Power Project

Royal Tech 50MW thermal oil trough CSP project in Yumen, China announced the winning bidder of turbine and generator. Dongfang Steam Turbine Co., Ltd. and Dongfang Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as DFEM) affiliated with Dongfang Electric Corporation became the final winner of steam turbine and generator [...]

China Shipbuilding Sets Up a New Energy Company, Ready to Carry on a Large-scale Layout in China CSP Industry

China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (referred to as China Shipbuilding), the Large-scale state-owned enterprise, will carry on a large-scale layout of solar-thermal power generation industry and recently, it is carrying out intensively the related researches. It is expected that this company will have a big action in the second half [...]

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China Concentrated Solar Power project owned by a private company completed Project Financing

Suzhou THVOW Technology Holdings Ltd. (short for THVOW Technology, stock code: 002564), a listed company on Shenzhen security market, invested RMB1570 million in concentrated solar power (CSP) industry by way of non-public offering of shares, which has drawn wide attention from capital market and CSP industry. THVOW Technology became [...]

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China’s Suunpower to incorporate EnergyNest thermal storage

Suunpower, a CSP developer and Engineering Procurement Contractor (EPC) , has signed a partnership agreement with Norway's EnergyNest to deploy thermal energy storage (TES) systems in China. Suunpower is involved in the construction of China's first 20 CSP projects for a total capacity of 1 GW. The EnergyNest TES [...]

CSP key equipment for China’s Concentrated Solar Power demonstration projects

In a parabolic trough or Fresnel CSP system, except for reflecting mirror, heat collector tube is another very important equipment. The great need for heat collector and its critical performance will have a direct influence on the heat-collecting efficiency and economic gains of a CSP plant. At present, Rioglass Solar [...]

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International experience to help China’s Concentrated Solar Power market meet cost commitments

With 20 concentrated solar power (CSP) projects in the first phase of China’s five-year plan, the world’s largest electricity producer and consumer paves the way for taking the driver seat of large-scale solar-thermal power generation. Though China’s well-established manufacturing capacity helps foster technology deployment, lack of CSP experience and technology know-how [...]

Suunpower and EnergyNest enter partnership for cost reduction in Concentrated Solar Power in China

Taking a leading role in shaping China’s energy systems, Suunpower has a successful track record in various power generation as well as industrial energy efficiency projects. Now focusing on EPC activities for Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) projects within China’s ambitious 5-year plan, Suunpower is deeply engaged in the execution of [...]

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Concentrated Solar Power leaders speak on CSP Focus China Mar.23-24 Beijing

As the most powerful commercial CSP conference for global CSP players, the 7th Annual CSP Focus China 2017 conference will see you soon during Mar23-24 in Beijing! At that time, over 300 attendees, 30 prominent speakers and 20 exhibitors will gather together to witness the progresses of the CSP plants, [...]

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Rayspower Yumen 50 MW Parabolic Trough Concentrated Solar Power project open bid for EPC contractor

On February 28, Rayspower Energy Group Co., Ltd. published the bidding announcement, showing that Rayspower Yumen 50MW parabolic trough CSP project opens bid for EPC contractor of thermal storage island, and the bid deadline is set at March 31, 2017. The bidding announcement shows that this procurement includes heat [...]

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China announced the Concentrated Solar Power projects

China National Energy Administration issued a notice on construction of concentrating solar power (CSP) demonstration plants. First, the notice stated that the first group of CSP demo projects was determined by the expert panel, including 20 projects in total, with a total installation capacity is 1.349GW, which is distributed [...]

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EPC tender announced for China CPECC Hami 50 MW MS Tower Concentrated Solar Power project

CPECC Hami 50MW MS Tower CSP project, one of China 1st phase 20 pilot projects is owned and developed by China National Electric Engineering Corporation (CPECC), has been announced to call for EPC contractor. The project is expected to be started this April 20 and commissioned on September 30, [...]

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Chinese Concentrated Solar Power developers hire foreign advisors

China awarded its first batch of 20 CSP projects in September 2016, including nine solar towers, seven parabolic trough plants and four Linear Fresnel plants. The projects must be completed by the end of 2018 to be eligible for the Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) of 1.15 yuan/kWh ($0.17/kWh). This gave developers [...]

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Royal Tech 100 MW Trough Concentrated Solar Power project launched bid opening

Report from CSPPLAZA: On the morning of February 20, Inner Mongolia Royal Tech New Energy Co., Ltd. Urat 100MW parabolic trough CSP project launched its bid opening for steam turbine, generator, steam generation unit and heat exchanger. There are total 19 companies participated in this bidding. Only technical bid [...]

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