Concentrated Solar Power

Concentrated Solar Power research groups cut water use by 70%

Water conservation is a key issue for CSP operators looking to minimize operating costs, particularly those situated in remote desert areas. Much of the world's CSP capacity is being installed in desert or arid regions since these areas provide some of the highest levels of direct normal irradiance (DNI). These [...]

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Direct Normal Irradiance Nowcasting methods for optimized operation of concentrated solar power technologies

Deliverable Nr.: 5.3 Deliverable title: Report on the 3rd DNICast End-user workshop Project coordinator: OME WP leader: CyI Name of the organization: Authors: M. Pikridas, M. Vrekoussis, L. Barrie Submission date: Version nr.:1   Disclaimer: The information and views set out in this report are those of the author(s) and [...]

Nanotech absorber layers raise Concentrated Solar Power efficiency

Researchers at the United Arab Emirates' Masdar Institute and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have jointly developed a new high-performance solar absorber which could lower the cost of CSP generation, the Masdar Institute said in a statement. The new absorber uses an ultrathin nano-composite film made of silver and [...]

Nevada concentrated solar power plant back online after eight-month outage

A first-of-its-kind solar plant in Central Nevada is back online and generating power after being down for repairs for eight months. The Crescent Dunes power plant, 225 miles northwest of Las Vegas, returned to service July 12 and is delivering renewable energy to customers in Nevada, even at night, according [...]

MENA solar Concentrated Solar Power projects share-DEWA, Noor1-3, Shams1, Shagaya and Duba1

As surveyed by CSP Focus, MENA region has been always among the top potential markets in global solar CSP market. An increasing number of new CSP power plants, ISCC plants, EOR projects are under construction or planning. Opportunities are surly generated for global CSP players. Morocco owns the world largest [...]

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Google X visits the Gemasolar and Valle 1 and Valle 2 Concentrated Solar Power plants

The Google corporation, through its division X, has visited the thermoelectric solar installations of Gemasolar (Seville) and Valle 1 and Valle 2 (Cádiz), for which SENER has granted its own technology and it is owner through the company Torresol Energy, where it participates in 60%. Google X is the division [...]

The Middle East and North Africa plans $200bn investment in renewable energy

The Middle East and North Africa (Mena) region is embarking on a massive programme to develop renewable energy, that will require more than $200 billion in investment, a report said. More than 67GW of clean energy projects at various stages of the design and study stage, according to Renewable [...]

SolarReserve Receives Environmental Approval for 390 Megawatt Concentrated Solar Power Facility with Storage in Chile

SolarReserve, the industry leader in baseload solar power solutions and advanced solar thermal technology with energy storage, has received an environmental approval from the Chilean government to build a 390 megawatt solar thermal power station with 5,100 megawatt-hours of energy storage. This important milestone marks SolarReserve’s third approval of a [...]

Cheap concentrated solar power plants to spread throughout Middle East

Solar plants that supply electricity at competitive prices after the sun goes down are about to become a reality in the Middle East, according to one of the region’s biggest developers of power plants. The Acwa Power International chief executive Paddy Padmanathan confirmed his company is the low bidder on a US$1 billion project [...]

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Solar receiver successfully set atopping Israel 121 MW Ashalim Concentrated Solar Power Tower

The solar receiver weighting thousands tons is recently set on top of the 240m collecting tower of 121 MW Ashalim Solar Thermal Power Station in Israel’s Negev desert. Difficulties of construction is previously addressed and now the success of setting the heavy receiver becomes a milestone of the project [...]

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A Word with Michael Taylor, Senior Analyst, Renewable Cost Status and Outlook, IRENA

  Michael Taylor Senior Analyst, Renewable Cost Status and Outlook at IRENA   Interview by Carlos Márquez   Q. I’m sure that you have seen in the news that the lowest bid for the 200 MW CSP plant in Dubai came at 9.45 US cents per kWh. Is this [...]

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Saudi Arabian hybrid solar-gas plants produce world cheapest Concentrated Solar Power

Under the management of Saudi Electricity Company (SEC), Saudi is planning its first ISCC project combined with CSP---Duba 1 ISCC power station. It will be 50 MW solar parabolic trough of the plant's total 605 MW of capacity. The other ISCC project, 1,390 MW Waad Al Shamal plant with 50 [...]

Dubai Concentrated Solar Power developers urged to apply Shams 1 desert findings

The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) is to select the developer for a 200 MW CSP tower plant later this year after receiving bids from four international consortia. The minimum bid price was $94.50/MWh, according to local media reports. As the first CSP tower project in the United Arab [...]

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