Concentrated Solar Power

The Noor Concentrated Solar Power Complex and BASF’s 24-Hour Molten Salt Solutions

Molten salt, which is produced by companies such as BASF, is being used in concentrating solar power plants to provide efficient thermal energy storage and is part of the overall solution to the question of the viability of renewable energy in the fight against climate change. Solar Thermal Energy: A [...]

SUPCON Solar to restart a 135MW tower concentrated solar power plant under China CSP demonstration program

Zhejiang Supcon Solar Technology Co., Ltd. (shorted as Supcon Solar), a leading CSP project developer and EPC contractor in China told CSP Focus that the Huanghe Hydropower Development 135MW Molten Salt Tower Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Project was already transferred to SUPCON and would be restarted soon. The Huanghe [...]

Cerro Dominador finished smelting 46,000 tons of molten salts for concentrated solar power project

As reported by the company developing the project, "the salts produced by the SQM mining company have the capacity to conserve the energy captured during the day by the plant and maintain it in a tank storage system." The development of the Cerro Dominador thermosolar project met a new milestone: [...]

How Much Land Would Concentrated Solar Power Need to make All Our Aviation Fuel?

The latest figures for aviation fuel use per year show that the world used 300 megatons of jet fuel annually in 2019, manufacturing them from fossil fuels. But a carbon-constrained future requires us to envision a world that can produce that much aviation fuel for commercial aircraft, but without carbon [...]

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RayGen and KMI (Jiangyin) announce strategic alliance

Jiangyin Kinematics Manufacturing Co., Ltd (KMI (Jiangyin)) and RayGen Resources Pty Ltd (RayGen) have recently formalised a strategic alliance that will include the supply of world-leading, reliable slew drives for RayGen’s Solar Power Plant (‘solar hydro’) technology. The first project under this alliance will be a fully dispatchable renewable energy [...]

China’s Gezhouba signs $500mn contract to build 90 MW Concentrated Solar Power-PV plant in Thailand

China Gezhouba Group International Engineering Co., Ltd (shorted as CGGC), a core member of China Energy Engineering Group Co., Ltd., signed a USD 500 million EPC contract with CPL Company in Bangkok, capital of Thailand. CGGC will be responsible for execution of the Changwat Khon Kaen 90MW CSP-PV Solar Power [...]

The meteorology of March caused a decrease in the contribution of Concentrated Solar Power in Spain

Spanish power demand in March fell by 4.6% on a year ago to 20.9 TWh, as tightening coronavirus restrictions wiped out much of the country's industrial demand, grid operator Red Electrica said in a statement. The contribution of solar thermal power plants to this lower demand has been diminished [...]

Dubai Concentrated Solar Power builders resist COVID-19 to resume major installs

Noor Energy 1 partners are mitigating logistics, cost and labor shortage challenges to keep the world's largest Concentrated Solar Power project on schedule. On March 27, Shanghai Electric hoisted into place a 200-ton thermal oil overflow tank at the 950 MW Noor Energy 1 CSP-PV project in Dubai. Measuring over [...]

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Australia funds feasibility study for hybrid Concentrated Solar Power-hydro plant

RayGen Resources has secured A$3 million from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) to conduct a feasibility study for a pilot Concentrated Solar Power plant that uses water as storage medium. Located at Carwarp in north-west Victoria, the facility would deliver 4 MW of solar power generation, including 17 hours [...]

Concentrated Solar Power+TES match a 100% clean grid

It is common wisdom in the climate and clean energy world that the electric grid will need new storage resources to cover the “last mile” to get to 100% carbon-free electricity. These must be flexible, reliable, dispatchable and durable over the long term. Yet, despite more and more 100% carbon-free [...]

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Blended sCO2 fluids could slash Concentrated Solar Power costs

By 2023, European researchers aim to produce a blended fluid for supercritical carbon dioxide power cycles that would reduce plant capex and suit dry hotspots. A year into their research, European scientists are on schedule to develop a new blended fluid system that could increase the efficiency of supercritical carbon [...]

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Protermosolar, Luis Crespo retires and passes the baton to Gonzalo Martín

President of the European solar thermal association Estela until last year and of the Spanish Protermosolar since 2016, after serving eight years as the general secretary of this association, which brings together a hundred companies, Luis Crespo has always been linked to renewables and technology . It has done so [...]