Building up concentrated solar power expertise in Africa

Imperial College London has teamed up with the University of Pretoria, the University of Lagos and the University of Mauritius as part of the Royal Society’s Africa Capacity Building Initiative to help develop concentrated solar power technology. But what exactly is CSP and what could the initiative achieve? In 2015, [...]

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The concentrated solar power generated 3.4% of electricity in Spain in May

Renewable energies generated 37.7% of electricity in Spain in May 2017. Wind power 18.2%, solar thermal 3.4% and photovoltaic solar power 4.6%. Generation of the month of May of 2017 Peninsular demand for electricity in May is estimated at 20,155 GWh, 2.1% higher than in the same month of the [...]

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Combination of concentrated solar power (CSP) technology and a traditional power plant

The COMBO-CFB project led by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd. has developed a new innovative concept to increase solar energy production in the energy system. According to its research, the concept can reduce fuel consumption and emissions stressing the climate by more than 33 percent. The concept is [...]

SunShot Concentrated Solar Power Research Showcased in Science Magazine

Science magazine, an internationally renowned journal for scientific research, features SunShot Initiative concentrating solar power (CSP) research in its late spring edition. The article highlights the use of carbon dioxide in CSP plant power cycles and the dramatic improvements that can be made in plant efficiency while cutting costs. [...]

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Concentrated Solar Power projects boost South Africa’s economy

Global private engineering company Sener believes the 50 MW Bokpoort concentrated solar power (CSP) plant, together with the 100 MW Ilanga and 100 MW Kathu CSP plants, will significantly contribute to South Africa’s green economy. Sener is the engineering, procurement and construction partner on all three plants, which are all [...]

ARENA to test market for concentrated solar power projects

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency has set out its plans for seeking industry information as the first step in exploring how concentrated sunlight could generate reliable, affordable renewable energy with built-in storage for our national grids. The new call aligns with the federal government’s offer to make up to $110 [...]

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Abu Dhabi closes $872 mln financing for world’s largest solar power plant

Abu Dhabi’s government-owned power utility has closed a $872 million (Dh3.2 billion) financing package for what will be the world’s largest solar power plant, the utility’s top official said on Wednesday. Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Authority (ADWEA) raised $650 million in debt with the remaining $222 million raised [...]

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Chile’s plans to lower Concentrated Solar Power costs to US$ 50 per MWh

CORFO has teamed up with ATA Insights to bring you a webinar on May 30th analyzing in depth the opportunities and challenges of a new applied research and development plan spearheaded by Chile with the objective of reaching US$50MWh by 2025. Chile imports most of the energy it consumes, [...]

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Dubai 200 MW Concentrated Solar Power tower plant expects record-low price this July

As the first commercial CSP tower solar project in United Arab Emirates (UAE), Dubai 200 MW CSP tower project catches eyes of global CSP players. With a minimum eight hours’ storage and expected online by 2021, the project is under the fourth phase of the Emirate’s Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid [...]

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The Spanish government loses first ICSID arbitration claim over retroactive measures against Concentrated Solar Power

The retroactive measures taken against STE plants by the Spanish government in 2012 - 2013 and consolidated in 2014 resulting in a massive change of the remuneration scheme for RES  power plants have now been unanimously condemned by ICSID, the International Center for the Settlement of Investment Disputes . [...]

Hydrogen from sunlight – A visit to Plataforma Solar in Almería

For years now, scientists from the German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt; DLR) have conducted research at the Plataforma Solar de Almería (PSA) in the south of Spain, which is operated by partner organisation CIEMAT (Centre for Energy, Environment and Technology). At this location scientists are [...]

Kathu solar park and Bokpoort concentrated solar power plants acknowledged by the African Utility Week Industry Awards

Leading engineering and construction company SENER, as part of the consortium for the turnkey construction of the 100MW Kathu Solar Park Complex, has been judged as having delivered “The Deal of the Year” at the fourth edition of the African Utility Week Power Awards. The event took place on [...]

SolarPACES to Help Optimize Chile’s Energy Grid

A new computational tool will be used by international researchers at SolarPACES to calculate the best technology mix of generation resources to most cost-effectively cover Chile’s load curve. The modeling tool was initially developed at Aachen University, in response to a request from the German Academy of Sciences, to see [...]

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