Hydrophilic disc uses concentrated solar power to separate salt from water

Current approaches to water desalination are tremendously expensive and energy-intensive, so the search is very much on for new technologies that can get the job done more efficiently. Scientists in Melbourne have put forward one rather promising solution, developing a new kind of system that heats up and purifies water [...]

GreenBlu Begins $1.6 Million U.S. Department of Energy Award to Commercialize Adsorption Desalination Technology

GreenBlu, Inc., a water technology company commercializing a new thermal distillation technology, Vapor Adsorption Distillation with Energy Recycling (VADER), announced it is beginning its $1,600,000 award from the U.S. Department of Energy's Solar Energy Technologies Office (SETO). The goal is to advance solar-thermal desalination technologies by reducing the cost [...]

Concentrated Solar Power experts warn capex gains needed to ensure desalination future

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) recently announced it would provide $21 million to 14 new solar thermal desalination projects which aim to reduce costs and open up the technology to new markets. The research projects cover a range of desalination technologies and are expected to take up to three [...]

US DOE provides $21 million to Concentrated Solar Power desalination R&D

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is to provide $21 million to 14 research projects that will help reduce the cost of solar thermal desalination, DOE said in a statement. Desalination is the process of treating seawater, brackish water and contaminated water for use in industrial water supplies or [...]

DOE Awards $21M in Grants to Cut Costs of Concentrated Solar Power Desalination

The Department of Energy sees big potential for solar thermal desalination technologies. But only if the costs can be brought down — way down. That’s the goal of the 14 solar-thermal desalination research projects that won $21 million in DOE grants last week. The projects include many new desalination technologies [...]

The challenges and potential rewards of transitioning to concentrated solar power to desalinate seawater

Freshwater shortages are projected to increase in our hotter and more crowded future. Already, 150 countries desalinate seawater, using fossil fuels. But supplying an ever-increasing basic need with non-renewable fuels creates a growing threat, according to Dr. Diego-César Alarcón-Padilla, who heads up SolarPACES Task VI at the Solar Desalination Unit [...]

Is Concentrated Solar Power a viable option for water desalination?

With the MENA region under increasingly high levels of water stress, desalination is necessary to supply sufficient fresh water to the region. Applying CSP technology to power the desalination process is a possible solution in which investigation is still underway. There are numerous CSP desalination pilot plants and it remains [...]

US to invest $15 million to concentrated solar power desalination technologies

The US Department of Energy announced on Wednesday that it would allocate new funding sources to develop solar desalination technologies that will enable the recovery of freshwater from otherwise unusable water resources, while reducing operational costs. Desalination technologies treat seawater, brackish water and generally contaminated water, offering recovered ready-to-use [...]

Concentrated Solar Power For Sustainable Water Desalination

The concentrated solar power field regularly takes a pounding from critics concerned about high costs and excess complexity, but the US Energy Department continues to be a fan. In the latest development, the agency is prepping to announce a funding opportunity aimed at using advanced solar thermal technology to drive [...]

Making seawater into drinking water with the help of the concentrated solar power

In Morocco, a big new solar-powered plant for turning seawater into drinking water is being built. Is the business case for renewable-energy-powered desalination technology becoming strong enough to unleash a boom? This summer, the Spanish firm Abengoa announced it had signed an agreement with a Moroccan government agency to forge [...]

Shall Concentrated Solar Power Help Desalination Technology?

This summer, the Spanish firm Abengoa announced it had signed an agreement with a Moroccan government agency to forge ahead with the first phase of a project to build the world’s largest renewable energy-driven seawater desalination plant. Abengoa will undertake the engineering, construction, operation and maintenance of the plant for [...]

Saudi Arabia tenders open up new CSP power, desalination markets

Growing power demand and desalination needs present a major opportunity for new CSP with storage to complement rising PV dispatch in Saudi Arabia’s renewables push, industry experts told New Energy Update. Saudi Arabia plans to launch its first bid round for 700 MW of solar and wind projects in the [...]

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