Energy Storage

Concentrated Solar Power pre-feasibility study now being finalised at Port Augusta

It is encouraging that Alinta, with financial support from ARENA and the SA Government, is currently finalising a pre-feasibility study into concentrated solar thermal power at Port Augusta.

Testing heats up at Sandia’s Concentrated Solar Power Tower

Researchers at Sandia National Laboratories are working to lower the cost of solar energy systems and improve efficiencies in a big way, thanks to a system of small particles.

New Energy Storage Technology (Nest) is testing its 1-megawatt concentrated solar power (CSP) system

New Energy Storage Technology (Nest) is testing its 1-megawatt concentrated solar power (CSP) system at the Masdar Institute’s Beam Down facility.

Masdar Institute Facility Able to Store Concentrated Solar Power at Temperatures as High as 400 Celsius

It successfully demonstrates low-cost storage technology for concentrated solar power (CSP) and is considered significant, as solar energy can now be stored in solid state at temperatures up to 400 Celsius at Masdar Inst

Crescent Dunes Concentrated Solar Power Tower Will Power Up in March

Crescent Dunes Concentrated Solar Power will begin commercial operation before the end of March, and SolarReserve’s south-central Nevada solar project won’t stumble out of the gate the way power-tower forerunner Ivanpah

Abengoa secures PPA for its Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) and Photovoltaic (PV) plants in Chile

Abengoa is currently developing two concentrated solar power (CSP) plants, 110 MW each, with tower technology coupled with a thermal energy storage system based on molten salts.

California makes investment in Concentrated Solar Power R&D program

The projects include thermal energy storage for concentrated solar power plants and improved forecasting for wind power and solar energy production.

SolarReserve’s Crescent Dunes Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Plant With Energy Storage Awarded Best Project

U.S.-developed technology at Crescent Dunes Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Project leads energy storage revolution for solar energy industry.

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) with storage cheaper than photovoltaic (PV) with batteries

Abengoa is now evaluating a new design that could reduce proposed capacity but plans Palen Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) as a single tower including thermal energy storage.