Energy Storage

Concentrated solar power (CSP) with storage could fill the gaps in intermittent renewable generation

Concentrated solar power with storage could fill the gaps in intermittent renewable generation, limiting the need for carbon-emitting natural gas plants.

Abengoa Yield’s Solana Concentrated Solar Power Plant in Arizona Wins an Energy Storage North America Innovation Award

Solana is the first commercial Concentrated Solar Power Plant in the United States to use this new thermal energy storage technology.

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) uniquely positioned as part of low carbon energy mix

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) with thermal energy storage is a potential solution that reduces the variability of the aggregate renewable energy portfolios and provides a wide range of operational and reliability benefi

The Economic and Reliability Benefits of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) with Thermal Energy Storage

Concentrated Solar Power with thermal energy storage is much more competitive when the comprehensive net grid system costs of the CSP plant are compared to wind energy or solar photovoltaics (PV).

Australian owned Novatec Solar makes Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) storage breakthrough

Novatec Solar says the new Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plant uses a process called direct molten salt or DMS technology – where inorganic salts are used as a heat transfer fluid rather than oils.

CSP Alliance Issues Updated Report on Economic Value of Concentrating Solar Power with Storage

Updated report features the latest valuations of Concentrated Solar Power with thermal storage and a new, expanded international section.

Developing models for enhancing Concentrated Solar Power energy storage systems

For his PhD thesis Fritz Zaversky has carried out research into storage systems for thermal energy. In concrete, he has focused on simulation models for the behaviour of solar thermal energy power plants.

SRI, DOE to conduct Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) research

SRI has signed an agreement with the US DOE to conduct jointly-funded research to support development of high-temperature thermochemical energy storage systems for concentrating solar power (CSP).

Australian Concentrated Solar Power + storage technology may beat wind on costs

Australian technology developer Vast Solar has begun construction of a 6MWth (1.1MWe) concentrated solar thermal power station with three hours storage – the first stand alone plant of its type to be built in Australia.

Abengoa says Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) with energy storage will beat baseload gas by 2020

One of the world’s leading developers of solar energy says that concentrated solar power tower technology with storage will be competitive with baseload gas generation by 2020.

PNNL studies energy storage in Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)

DOE’s SunShot Initiative is working to develop concentrated solar power technologies and make solar energy cost competitive with traditional forms of electricity by the end of the decade.