The NOORo I, II and III concentrated solar power plants at COP22

NOORo I, NOORo II and NOORo III, three solar thermoelectric power plants belonging to the largest solar complex on the planet, located in Ouarzazate (Morocco), are turnkey developments of the SENER engineering and technology group, in which the latter provides its own technology. These facilities are expected to attract the [...]

Morocco: Why Invest in Concentrated Solar Power?

New technologies are often caught in a bind. Their true value only emerges once people begin to use them, but until they have a proven track record few are willing to try. Breaking out of that bind and establishing a track record requires someone with vision – who can both [...]

Morocco emerging as a solar superpower, thanks to the Noor 1 Concentrated Solar Power Plant

ACWA Power explains how the Noor 1 Concentrated Solar Plant will shape Morocco’s approach towards solar power. The trading city of Ouarzazate is known as the ‘door to the desert’, and its wild, remote location has provided the backdrop for film and television spectaculars like Lawrence of Arabia and Game [...]

Siemens to deliver turbines for Noor II and III Concentrated Solar Power plants in Morocco

Siemens will deliver the steam plants and generators for the Noor II and Noor III concentrated solar power (CSP) plants at the end of 2016. Noor II and III are respectively the second and the third phase of a huge solar thermal power complex near the city of Ouarzazate in [...]

Ingeteam Will Supply the Frequency Converters for the NOORo II and NOORo III Concentrated Solar Power Plants in Morocco

The supply consists of phases II and III of what is to be largest concentrated solar power complex in the world which, once completed in 2018, will produce over 560MW of solar energy. The complex is located in Ouarzazate in central Morocco, which has the best levels of solar radiation [...]

Enerray close to complete the first Concentrated Solar Power plant in Morocco

Enerray Morocco announces the progress in the construction of the first solar Plant, using CSP (Concentrating Solar Power) technology. The Plant is based in Ben Guerir, Ville Vert Mohammed VI, Green Energy Park site, 70 km from Marrakech. Enneray has won the tender published by IRESEN (Institut de Recherche en [...]

Noor II and Noor III eye cost savings from site integration

With similar timeframes and a shared site, the Noor II and Noor III CSP projects in Morocco’s Noor Ouarzazate Solar Complex are expected to gain from multiple synergies during both construction and operations, Badis Derradji, ACWA Power’s managing director for Morocco, told CSP Today. Parallel construction on the two projects [...]

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Masen’s Noor Ouarzazate I Concentrated Solar Power Complex

Open only a few months at most on state lands, ten kilometers from Ouarzazate airport and near the desert village of Tiffoultoute in a region of Morocco better known as stage settings for movies and shows from Gladiator to Prison Break. The plant is about equidistance from Zagora and Marrakesh. A roadway lined [...]

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Morocco’s Noor hybrid projects extend the reach of Concentrated Solar Power

Morocco is following in Chile’s footsteps with two new solar hybrid complexes that will maximize synergies and optimize the cost per kilowatt hour. The first of these independent power projects, Noor Midelt, is envisioned as a solar power complex with a total installed capacity of 400 MW, utilizing 80–85% CSP [...]

Germany provides EUR 400m in financing to Morocco’s Noor Concentrated Solar Power plant

German development bank KfW will lend Morocco EUR 400 (USD 438m) to finance the construction of the Noor Midelt concentrated solar power complex. Federal Development Minister Gerd Muller and Mustapha Bakkoury from Morocco's agency for solar power, signed the agreement on February 27, news agency MAP reports. The Noor Midelt [...]

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Acwa Power commissions Moroccan concentrated solar power plant

Morocco’s first solar power plant, built by an international consortium led by Saudi Arabia’s Acwa Power, was  recently inaugurated at a location about 20 km from the city of Ouarzazate, a report said. The Noor1 project is expected to provide one million Moroccan homes with electricity by 2018. “We are [...]

Concentrated solar power plant opened in Morocco

Morocco has launched the first phase of the largest concentrated solar power (CSP) plant in the world. When fully operational, the plant will produce enough energy for more than one million Moroccan households. Inaugurated officially on 4 February 2016 by His Majesty Mohammed VI of Morocco, the solar plant underlines [...]