South Africa

Acwa’s Redstone concentrated solar power project hits cost roadblock in South Africa

Riyadh’s Acwa Power together with the US company SolarReserve is developing the Redstone project, a molten salt central receiver in the Northern Cape province of South Africa. This is the first in the continent of a new generation of solar plants that are garnering interest around the world. The technology [...]

Driving the future of concentrated solar power with advanced steam turbines

Having set the African record of 161 hours for continuous operation at a load factor of 76% before an inclement weather interruption during its first month of operation, the Bokpoort concentrated solar plant (CSP) in the Northern Cape is a shining example of the immense potential of CSP technology as [...]

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Mott MacDonald provides technical advisory to Kathu Concentrated Solar Power plant

The Kathu Solar Park promises to deliver 100 MW of power to the South African grid, leveraging Concentrated Solar Power technology with a 4.5 hour storage capacity. Mott MacDonald supplied lender’s technical due diligence to financers of the project. One of the current difficulties with solar energy generation is that, [...]

South Africa is regarded as one of the most potential Concentrated Solar Power markets

SolarReserve (SR) is a leading global developer of utility-scale solar power projects, which include electricity generation by solar thermal energy (CSP) and photovoltaic (PV) and hybrid (combined CSP and PV). In CSP sector, SR is known for its tower and molten salt storage technologies especially the successful operation of the [...]

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Why ACWA’s active in South African Concentrated Solar Power market?

Head-quartered in Saudi Arabia, ACWA Power is a world leading developer, investor, co-owner and operator of a portfolio of power generation plants. Positioning as a major player in global renewable energy sector has been a crucial part of ACWA’s strategy. In concentrated solar power domain, the giant makes the whole [...]

Concentrated solar power plants valuable for South Africa

As baseload plants, concentrated solar plants (CSPs) are highly sought after in the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (REIPPPP), says infrastructure operations and maintenance (O&M) company Investing in Africa Holdings (IIAH) director Gabriel Reeder. Together with O&M services provider Nomac, IIAH is responsible for the O&M of Bokpoort [...]

Eskom postpones IPP signing with Redstone for Concentrated Solar Power plant

Eskom postponed the signing of a 20-year power purchase agreement (PPA) with Redstone Solar Thermal Power Project, intended to happen on Thursday July 28 2016. The agreement would have seen Eskom buy 100 MW from the project for an estimated R50-billion for the duration of the contract, according to a [...]

South Africa: Minister Lynne Brown – Power-Gen Africa Conference

  Welcome to South Africa and our winter season, and yes to a very cold Johannesburg - at least for us. At this moment I would like to wish the Turkish people and representatives of their companies in this conference all best in resolving the recent troubles facing Turkey. A [...]

Anniversary of South Africa’s launching 450 MW Concentrated Solar Power allocation in REIPPPP Rd 4.5

South Africa launched in July 2015 round 4.5 of its Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (REIPPPP), to procure an additional 1.8 GW of renewable energy capacity. News says some 450 MW of the capacity is to be allocated to CSP projects and seven CSP projects were bid. One [...]

Engie has achieved financial close on the 100 MW Kathu concentrated solar power project

Kathu is expected to create 1200 jobs during peak construction, while a further 70 permanent roles will be made available during the operational phase. The project is due to be connected to the grid by the end of 2018, supplying electricity to Eskom under a 20-year power purchase agreement. Mott [...]

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ACWA Power, SolarReserve to break ground on 100 MW Concentrated Solar Power plant in South Africa

SolarReserve and Saudi ACWA Power will break ground on a joint project for 100 MW  concentrated solar power (CSP) plant in South Africa in September, Terence Govender, SolarReserve’s vice president of development was quoted as saying by news agency Ecofin. The project was selected within the 3.5 bid window under [...]

Concentrated solar power can serve as a peaking technology

In the first week of operation, the Bokpoort CSP project managed to go 161 hours without stopping – setting new standards in Africa: Nandi Bhula, CEO of ACWA Power Solafrica Bokpoort CSP. SIKI MGABADELI:  We are focusing now on renewable energy, following a business breakfast this morning that looked at [...]

Ilangalethu CSP 1 concentrated solar power project

The Ilangalethu CSP1 Project is a thermal renewable energy power station that utilises concentrated solar power (CSP) technology, which uses mirrors to concentrate the sun to produce steam that is used to drive a conventional steam turbine, which in turn drives a generator to produce electricity. The Ilangalethu CSP 1 [...]