On July 4, the Development and Reform Commission of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region issued the list of the second batch of market-based grid-connected new energy projects 2022, including a total of 67 projects. According to the notice, the projects included in the list are regarded as filing of the projects.

The four projects submitted by Xinhua Hydropower with a total installed capacity of 3.2GW were successfully included in the list, namely Bozhou 100MW Concentrated Solar Power + 900MW RE project, Jinghe 100MW Concentrated Solar Power + 900MW RE project, Shache County 800MW PV project (with 200MW storage), and Aoyitake Phase I 400MW PV project (with 100MW storage).

On July 10, Shachea 800MW PV Project Start Ceremony was held in Shachea County, Kashgar Region, Xinjiang.