Bruce Anderson, CEO of 247Solar Inc., will speak at the International CSP Focus 2021 Conference in Beijing, China on Friday, October 29, 2021. There he will present new modular, ultra-high temperature CSP technology that makes the unique round-the-clock benefits of Concentrated Solar Power available at costs that rival daytime-only PV.

CSP has long offered unique benefits to the renewable energy market, providing fully dispatchable renewable energy day and night. This is something PV and wind alone can’t do. However, the technology has always been limited to large-scale applications which require complex engineering and construction.


Now, new modular CSP technologies offer scaled down solutions that make the benefits of CSP accessible to a broad range of new applications and settings, both grid-connected and off-grid. Ultra-high temperatures, 50% hotter than conventional CSP, offer greater efficiencies that enable 24/7 emissions-free power production at LCOE’s that are competitive will all other renewable sources.

Unlike large-scale custom-designed first-generation CSP installations, 247SolarTM Planta are standardized modules with a capacity of 400 kW each, which can be expanded from a single off-grid power plant to utility-scale facilities of virtually unlimited capacity. 247Solar Plants use factory-made components with few moving parts to achieve low maintenance and low-cost, rapid deployment. Most components can be easily manufactured in China.


247Solar’s unique, simple design uses atmospheric-pressure hot air, not steam, to produce electricity, and is capable of providing both power and heat up to 1000℃, day and night. The system stores the sun’s energy for up to 20 hours in ordinary sand or inexpensive ceramic pellets and uses no molten salts or oils.

Anderson says: «Investors see the potential of modular CSP, and several companies are developing scalable CSP technologies. Yet most of their solutions are incomplete. Our 247Solar Plants are the only end-to-end, modular, ultra-high temperature CSP solution that’s ready for commercial deployment today, and that can produce clean power every day of the year at competitive costs.”


About 247Solar, Inc.


247Solar, Inc., with origins at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and with funding support from the US Department of Energy, is commercializing multiple breakthrough inventions that together comprise an ambitious Ultra-High-Temperature Solar Technology Platform. These technologies can be combined in a variety of ways with diverse applications in what is rapidly becoming the world’s largest industry—mitigating climate change. These applications include:

  • Low cost, long-duration battery storage with 24/7 dispatchability
  • 24/7 dispatchable, emissions-free electricity and heat
  • Recycling waste heat from industrial processes to produce electricity without emissions

247Solar technologies are modular, scalable and factory-produced, and they are easily incorporated into a wide variety of business models and revenue streams.


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A New Era of CSP Begins in China

As was analyzed in the latest news release by CSP Focus, “CSP Opportunities under China’s “Net-Zero” Ambition”, CSP was recognized as a key stabilizer in the power system as more REs portfolio in the future energy mix.

We are sincerely welcoming you to join 11th CSP Focus China 2021 event (Oct 28-29,2021, Beijing China), exploring the new era of CSP in China and the rest of world.

The conference will be ON LINE too, with instant bilingual translation, given the constraints of international travel currently.

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