Qinghai Province, China. A total of 5.3GW Renewable Energies auction was announced yesterday on Sept 6, among which 3*100MW of Concentrated Solar Power projects, 3.8GW PV and 1.2GW Wind. The 5.3GW auction is divided into 7 bids, including:

Bid No1: 900MW PV + 100MW CSP

Bid No2: 900MW PV + 100MW CSP

Bid No3: 900MW PV + 100MW CSP

Bid No4: 400MW PV + 300MW Wind

Bid No5: 200MW PV + 200MW Wind

Bid No6: 100MW PV + 500MW Wind

Bid No7: 100MW PV + 500MW Wind

Each 100MW CSP was included in the Bid No1/2/3 respectively. Time of bid submission is 9am on Sept 26, and the winner of bid should take care of the project financing, engineering, construction, commissioning and O&M. Projects COD is Dec 31, 2023 and operation time 25 years.

A consortium bidder consist of no more than 3 members will be accepted.