As one of China 1st phase of 20 pilot CSP projects, NWEPDI 50MW MS Tower CSP project has been announced to open its purchasing tender next week on January 16th. There will be four separate biddings:

  1. Solar collection system
  2. Steam generator
  3. Steam turbine
  4. Generator equipment

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The project is developed by China state-owned company Northwest Electric Power Design Institute (NWEPDI) of China Power Engineering Consulting Group (cpecc), who has been devoted to CSP design R&D since 2007 and become one of the leaders in China CSP industry. The biddings are open for Chinese local companies or overseas companies working with Chinese partners.


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The detailed requirements are as below:

  1. Solar collection system: bidders to have at least one commissioned unit with the capacity of no less than 10MW in the last five years prior to October 2016. Or ever won the bidding for CSP project with heliostat field covering area of at least 600,000 m².
  2. Steam generator: bidders to have references in design, and the manufacturer should have experience in operating well for over two years in 4 sets (220t/h+) of coal power boilers. Or have references in producing qualified molten salt pressure vessels.
  3. Steam turbine: manufacturer to have references in 2 sets of steam turbines with the capacity of 50 MW and above, and some of them are in operation.
  4. Generator equipment: manufacturer to have references in 2 sets of generator equipment with the capacity of 50 MW and above, and some of them are in operation.

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