Chronicling the Infinia PowerDish installation at Tooele Army Depot, Utah.

With the first Infinia PowerDish planned for installation at Tooele Army Depot in Tooele, Utah next month, the question continually arises – how exactly does the PowerDish work?
Learn more and see Infinia’s Stirling generator in action

Stay tuned to Tooele News for updates, video and progress related to the Army Depot’s PowerDish deployment.

Infinia Corporation is an energy technology company developing and manufacturing high-efficiency, free-piston Stirling generators that convert readily available and low cost heat sources such solar, biogas and natural gas into reliable on- or off- grid electricity.

Following 30 years of development of its ultra-high reliability technology for the DOD, NASA and the DOE, Infinia is currently launching its solar product, the PowerDish™.

The PowerDish is the world’s first Stirling-based solar power generation system suitable for automotive-scale manufacturing and deployment from small distribution-scale arrays to multi-megawatt, utility-scale solar power plants.

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