The company holds some of the most important positions in the prestigious ranking of leading international contractors published by the magazine Engineering News-Record (ENR).

Abengoa (MCE: ABG. B/P SM /NASDAQ: ABGB), the international company that applies innovative technology solutions for sustainability in the energy and environment sectors, has been recognized as a leading company in the power transmission and distribution and solar energy categories of the International Contractor 2014 ranking drawn up and published annually by the prestigious magazine Engineering News-Record (ENR).

Abengoa is the leading international contractor in transmission and distribution for the eighth consecutive year and the top international contractor for solar energy for the fourth consecutive year.

In terms of geographical presence, Abengoa continues to be the seventh largest international contractor in the USA and fifth in Latin America and the Caribbean. The main changes for Abengoa this year are the company’s rise to second position in both the cogeneration category and for water treatment and desalination plants.

The annual ENR ranking collates data from the largest 225 international engineering and construction contractors, based on gross revenues.

Abengoa, which won nearly 2,000 km of transmission lines in 2014, has been awarded more than 25,000 km in power transmission and distribution projects and 277 substations in the last ten years around the world.

In the field of solar power, Abengoa is an international leader for solar-thermal plants, with innovative projects such as Atacama-1, which has 18 hours of energy storage and will be the first solar-thermal plant in Latin America; Solana, in the USA, which is the world’s largest parabolic-trough plant; or Khi Solar One in South Africa, which will be the first plant to use tower technology in Africa. The company has a global capacity of 2,200 MW with a further 300 MW under construction in solar plants around the world.

ENR, owned by The McGraw-Hill Companies, is one of the most prestigious technical magazines in the sector, providing important and relevant information, news and analysis for industry specialists. It also covers financial, legal and safety issues related to the environment and corporate management as well as labor issues associated with the construction industry.

This latest recognition will further consolidate Abengoa’s position as an international leader for developing power transmission and distribution projects and solar energy projects around the globe.