Sanchez Ortega also defended its solar thermal technology attracting R & D investment and be prepared in case of Abengoa, to operate without subsidies from 2020.

Abengoa’s CEO, Manuel Sánchez Ortega, believes that the shareholders of the company "has expropriated in quotes" with the cuts made by the government to contain the tariff deficit. The amount for the entire concentrated solar power industry stands to 5,000 million euros.

U.S. Ambassador to Spain, Alan D. Solomont, noted for his part, during the presentation of the breakfast, "the importance of Abengoa" in his country and Spanish companies to invest in it.

"We live in a world of global economy and this type of investment should be supported from both sides of the Atlantic," said the ambassador, referring to the presence of Abengoa in U.S. and American companies in Spain.

Abengoa’s CEO, Manuel Sánchez Ortega, has accused the PP of "expropriate concentrating solar power sector companies with moratoriums and approved tax adjustments that have had "an impact of 5,000 million in value."

During a breakfast organized by the New Economy Forum, Sanchez insisted that in Spain is "a certain uncertainty that is damaging" to the solar industry, and in general, the energy-"and is skeptical about the new regulatory framework that, he has said, "unfortunately be another new and the question is to know when will the next".

"We look forward to-energy reform prepared by the Government, but to the complete absence of dialogue with industry we have no idea" containing measures, he lamented.

The Ministry of Industry is working on a new set of measures to reform the energy sector and one of the avenues open is to give another blow to renewable energy, which maintain different fronts by fiscal adjustment and moratoriums passed in recent years , although there are no formal decision. Abengoa’s CEO has criticized the government for legislating "by decree law" and has stressed that "countries that think that legal certainty is a nuanced issue investment repel and kill innovation."

Sanchez has accused the government of letting the renewable energy sector "in a very complicated situation," which has led some companies such as Acciona Energy, to undertake cuts in their workforce. On this point, the CEO has said that Abengoa "highly diversified", allowing to "have a little more resistance."

In this regard, he explained that Spain accounts for 20% of all company activity and this percentage is only one-third in solar power. Therefore, "the impact on our customers is zero." Not so in the shareholders, political decisions "have been removed -5.000 million worth all the sector-, have been expropriated in the most strange we could imagine," he complained.

About the PP accuses the solar thermal sector to generate the tariff deficit, Sanchez has indicated that the electric hole in 2011 stood at 25,000 million euros, while the solar thermal energy premiums amounted to 600 million, so it has been considered that "grasp-on this-is an exercise in bad faith and of wanting to manipulate people."