In recent years, ACWA Power has been active in participating PV, wind and Concentrated Solar Power projects. Record performance in installed capacity and bidding price make ACWA Power well-known to all solar industry player.

The Concentrated Solar Power projects ACWA Power gets involved include:

  • Dubai Noor Energy 1 Solar Project (700MW CSP + 250MW PV)
  • Morocco 580MW NOOR Ouarzazate Project (510MW CSP + 70MW PV)
  • 50MW Bokpoort Parabolic Trough CSP Project & 100MW Redstone Molten Salt Tower CSP Project in South Africa

ACWA Power work closely with Chinese partners in the development and construction of solar thermal power plants, of which the typical cooperation is Shanghai Electric as EPC in Noor Energy 1, and SEPCO 3 as EPC in NOORo 2&3. And ACWA Power signed an agreement with China’s Silk Road Fund this June, introducing it as an important partner and shareholder in ACWA Power Renewable Energy Holding Ltd (ACWA Power RenewCo), owning ACWA Power’s CSP, PV, and wind assets.

China and Middle East & Africa have been becoming the leading emerging CSP markets, and the active participation of the local companies in the regions are making great contribution in global CSP industry commercialization.

As the biggest power enterprise in Middle East and world leading CSP project developer, ACWA Power is open to share experience and expertise on CSP project development.

In the upcoming 3rd Annual CSP Focus Innovation 2019 conference and expo on October 24-25 in Beijing, China, ACWA Power will join as the Event Supporting Partner, by sending Senior Executives in CSP sector to China and share their experience and innovation in solar CSP plant development, CSP industry value chain and purchasing standards.