Aksay 50MW Molten Salt Parabolic CSP Project has so far completed sub-systems of a 20 MW PV back-up plant, a 38 km water-conveying project, a 800 meter Molten salt parabolic CSP testing pre-project, a 200 tons concrete mixing plant, 90% of the slope foundation and purchase of 50MW imported equipments such as mirrors, collectors and driving tower. Main constructions will begin on July 15th.

阿克塞 施工现场

image: construction site

The 50MW project includes testing base, collecting system, 15-hour Molten salt thermal storage, power island, heating system, and other sub-systems. With CNY 1.983 billion investment, the parabolic CSP station has a converting  rate above 20% and an annual electric output of 2,600GWh once is operational. Aksay 50MW Molten Salt Parabolic CSP is earlier censored by Gansu Provincial Development and Reform Commission, planned to be installed by Gansu CSP Co., Ltd and delivered by CEEC Shanxi Electric Technology Co., Ltd. CSPPLAZA correspondent reports.

阿克塞 测试平台

image: testing system

Recent 100.4°F in Kazak Autonomous County of Aksay is not holding the project back. Source states that the main construction will be delivered in time.

阿克塞 混凝土搅拌

image: 200 tons concrete mixing plant