Mirror cleaning operations are crucial to increase the reflectivity of the CSP plants. Albatros manufactures mirror cleaning vehicles with high pressure washing system and mirror cleaning vehicle with brushes.

Albatros´ cleaning vehicle with brushes gets 99,5% mirror reflectivity. Thanks to its two automatically controlled arms that clean the upper and the lower part of the collector in motion, the whole surface of the collector is cleaned at one time, saving time and costs.

Albatros has delivered recently 3 vehicles of this type, two of them for Abengoa -Solacor and Helioenergy-  and one for Andasol 3 in Guadix (Spain).

The company is the leader in mirror cleaning for CSP plants. More than 35 vehicles for maintenance operations in the solar industry have been manufactured in its facilities. Some references: ABENGOA SOLAR, ACCIONA, ELECNOR, RENOVABLES SAMCA, SOLEVAL, TORRESOL ENERGY, UTE ABENER TEYMA, UTE ANDASOL 3.