On the afternoon of November 10th, CSPPLAZA reporter visited the construction site of CGN Delingha 50MW parabolic trough CSP plant.

The construction progress of the project is as follows:

Solar island: It is learned that the installation task of solar field has been completed about 90%, the installation of collector closes to 80%;

Heat transfer and storage island: the HTF pipeline system of heat transfer and storage island (except for steam pipe) has been basically completed installation; tank body insulation task is under progress with the use of electric heating and insulation materials and this task is expected to be completed in mid-December.

BOP island: the turbine is being installed.

This project is the first large-scale commercialized CSP project in China. In terms of overall progress, the project is far ahead of other demonstration projects and will be the first national solar thermal demonstration power station put into operation in China.

The following pictures were taken from the project site: