Jinlin Province, China. An auction announcement was released by Government of Baicheng Municipal City of Jinlin Province in Sept 9th, including a total capacity of 1.4GW Renewable Energy projects, among which 800MW Wind, 400MW PV and 200MW CSP.

The projects will be located in two places under Baicheng City, namely Tongyu County and Da’an City, each of which will share the capacity in equal. See below a chart of the project allocations.

According to the announcement document (in Chinese, contact sunnys@cspfocus.cn if you need a copy), the bidder should be registered in China, and a consortia bidder of 2 members will be allowed.

One single bidder or consortia can only apply for one bid in each location.

The deadline of Letter of Intention is 17:00 Sept 14, 2021(GMT +8), and time of bid submission till 17:00 Sept 19.

The bidding project should be completed and connect to the grid with full capacity before Dec 31st 2023, operation 25 years for PV and CSP, 20 Years for Wind, since COD

As was analyzed in the latest news release by CSP Focus, “CSP Opportunities under China’s “Net-Zero” Ambition”, CSP was recognized as a key stabilizer in the power system as more REs portfolio in the future energy mix.

3*100MW CSP auction was announced by Qinghai Government on Sept 6 last week, together with this 2*100MW CSP projects, we believe more CSP will come soon in China.