During the forthcoming month of November, Arca Consortium opens the doors to Energy Solar topics. On 4 and 5 November, in the framework of STS-Med project, international B2B Meetings, technical meetings and institutional round tables will take place at ARCA Consortium. STS-Med project is financed by the Community programme ENPI CBC MED, implemented by a partnership of 14 organizations of six different Countries, coordinated by Arca. Started in November 2012, the project is already in its final phase. So it’s time to show the important outcomes of a process of design and testing of multigenerative systems based on the solar sources in the Mediterranean area.

The first event is scheduled on 4 November, when an incoming company mission will be hosted at Arca Consortium. Foreign enterprises coming from Cyprus, France, Egypt and Jordan, will meet local companies to reach partnership agreements in technical-scientific and commercial fields. The mission is organized in collaboration with the Enterprise Europe Network, the international network, promoted by the European Commission, meant to support SMEs, in terms of Innovation and competitiveness in the international markets.

The morning schedule, starting with the B2B meetings, will continue in the afternoon with the evaluation of the results of the meetings through parallel, working sessions concerning the different countries involved. During this time, the feedback of the enterprises involved will be collected and future networking activities will be planned, with a view toward potential joint research and innovation projects and international partnership agreements.

On 5 November, an international seminar will be held with the aim to disseminate the project results. After the introduction of Fabrizio Micari as University of Palermo Chancellor and of Umberto La Commare, Arca President, the floor will be given to several experts at national and international level, suchas the President of ANEST, Gianluigi Angelantoni. His speech will provide an overview of industrial perspectives of solar thermal systems in Italy and Europe. Soon after, a round table will enhance a fruitful discussion on the state of the art of the generation of a solar thermal supply chain in Sicily, supported by the new regional Smart Innovation Strategy 2014-2020: regional councilors, business sector representatives and other stakeholders will exchange their views and experiences on this theme.

Arca Consortium

At the end, all invited speakers and participants will be guided to a technical visit to the demonstrative plant under construction in the University campus which will be able to produce electric energy, heating and cooling. Other multigenerative solar installations are under construction in Cyprus, Jordan and Egypt. All installations are demonstrators which apply innovative solutions and advanced know how in the field of solar technologies, with the significant role of local SMEs which have achieved relevant expertise within a transnational work environment.

These days will be a valuable opportunity to show the progress in research, technology and market related to solar technologies in the Mediterranean basin and particularly in Sicily.

The outcomes of the previous sessions will be further analyzed during the transnational project meeting on 6 November at Arca Consortium, reserved to the partners of STS-Med Project.