Trackers in CSP solar power plants require robust drive systems with high accuracy, efficiency and virtually maintenance-free long-term operation showing a high degree of reliability at the same time. Only components specially designed for outdoor use can meet these requirements.

Worm gears units are ideally suited for the adjustment of Heliostats or CPV trackers, since they can be used for a backlash-free transmission ratio and very slow movements. By target-oriented selection of defined materials, required parameters are achieved and implemented – such as perfect wear behaviour, high fatigue strength and long term corrosion protection.

Headquartered in Germany, AUMA Drives GmbH (AUMA)  has a long tradition (since 1896) in manufacturing worm gears, and has experiences in CSP since 2008.

The name AUMA Drives stands for high precision, engineering ingenuity and customized solutions in producing gear units and drives systems. Applications for producing alternative energy such as Heliostats and PV Trackers have always been a core competence of AUMA Drives.

AUMA Drives has been involved in numerous major CSP projects in recent years:

  • First pilot project with special drives developed together with BrightSource at the Rotem test field in Israel.
  • Investigation project with DLR and Kraftanlagen München at the test side in Jülich, Germany.
  • First large scale project was delivered to CHEVRON, Caolinga USA, oil exploration.
  • Another project was delivered to IVANPAH Solar Electric Generating System, California, USA.

In China CSP market, AUMA is taking part at the latest Supcon Delingha 50MW concentrated solar power (CSP) plant project in the province of Qinghai, north-west China.

To share the worm gear tracking product and best practices, AUMA Drives will join the upcoming CSP Focus China 2018 conference on March 22-23 in Beijing as the Lanyard Sponsor.

AUMA Drives provides Engineering Know How:

  • LIFE LONG LUBRICATION, saves costs for oil change, no disposal of old oil and higher availability of the power plant (no down time)
  • MINIMUM WEAR, brings higher efficiency because of lower deviation during the whole operation time
  • SELF LOCKING, saves a brake system, no additional energy or controller to operate the brakes
  • HIGH LOAD / HIGH STIFFNESS, support more accuracy of the whole system, even under short heavy impacts – the drive survives and keeps accuracy
  • HIGH REPEATABLE ACCURACY, protects you of unexpected down time
  • MAINTANANCE FREE, reduces labor cost, guarantees maximum availability

AUMA Drives has installed all elements of the QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM

  • We monitor all processes starting with design, purchasing, manufacturing, assembly, shipping and after sales.
  • We use tools as FMEA, PPAP, COT, SPC, CAP, 8D-Report.
  • All this helps us to discover and avoid failures in a very early stage before delivery.
  • The core processes for manufacturing worm shaft and worm wheel, responsible for assuring high quality in mass production, are done in his own facilities as tooth grinding and tooth milling.