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GuoHua Electric Power is planning to achieve 1.5 GW Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) by 2020

Earlier on 16 July, SHG issued a tender announcement for its 50MW Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) project in TaiYangShan development area of Ningxia province.

SolarReserve Receives Environmental Approval For 260 Megawatt Concentrated Solar Power Plant in Chile

As part of SolarReserve's project development and permitting process for the Copiapó project, the company collaborates with stakeholders and local communities to ensure minimal environmental impact.

SkyFuel acquired by Sunshine Kaidi New Energy Group of Wuhan, China

SkyFuel Inc. announced that it has been acquired by Sunshine Kaidi New Energy Group (“Kaidi”) of Wuhan, China, through their US subsidiary Harvest International New Energy, Inc.

India, Solar Technology, and the Monkey Problem

Concentrated solar power, in which reflective troughs heat up water that is then fed to heat exchangers and turbines to produce electricity, could play a key role in India’s energy future.

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