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China to build concentrated solar thermal power plant

Once fully operational, the Concentrated Solar Power plant will prevent the burning of 4.26 million tonnes of coal every year, reducing CO2 emissions by 896,000 tonnes.

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) project in Shanxi, China, with 100 MW

The concentrated solar power (CSP) plant will be located in the Datong Demonstration Base, which will be used to showcase advanced technologies for the solar industry.

Wisconsin Researchers Lead Effort to Advance Utility-Scale Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Plants

Reducing the cost of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)-generated electricity, however, requires improving the efficiency of this conversion.

Ashalim Concentrated Solar Power plant signs NIS 100m Rioglass deal

The 110-megawatt Concentrated Solar Power plant, the first of its kind in Israel, will produce thermo-solar electricity using the parabolic trough method.

Morocco’s MASEN Concludes Integrated Partnership on Concentrated Solar Power Technology

These agreements concern MASEN’s strategic acquisition of 50%, alongside Alcen group, in the Alsolen company, which is active in solar thermal technology.

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