Acerca de Jose Santamarta

José Santamarta studied Philosophy, Economics and Business Administration. A pioneer of the environmental movement, he was president of the Commission for the Amazon, vice president of the European Working Group on Amazonia, a member of the board of the CBED (Coordinating Body for Environmental Defence), representative of the Climate Action Network and the World Watch Institute in Spain and served on the board of the ANPED. He worked as a consultant and in several government bodies, such as the Community of Madrid and the IDAE (Institute for the Diversification and Saving of Energy), and was advisor to the Ministry of Environment. Editor of several publications, he was director of World Watch and Gaia magazines. He has published books on economics, environment and energy.

DEWA inaugurates Noor Energy 1 Visitors Centre in 4th phase of Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park

Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, MD and CEO of Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), has inaugurated the "Noor Energy 1 Visitors Centre" in the fourth phase of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park. The 950-megawatt (MW) phase has investments totalling AED15.78 billion based on the Independent Power Producer [...]

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Athena Technology Acquisition Corp. and Heliogen, Inc., a Leading Provider of AI-Enabled Concentrated Solar Power, Announce Filing of Definitive Proxy Statement and the December 28, 2021 Special Meeting of Stockholders to Approve Business Combination

Athena Technology Acquisition Corp. (NYSE: ATHN) (“ATHN”), a publicly-traded special purpose acquisition company, announced today that ATHN’s definitive proxy statement (“Proxy Statement”) relating to the previously announced business combination with Heliogen, Inc. (“Heliogen”), a leading provider of AI-enabled concentrated solar power, has been filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange [...]

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Abengoa moves forward the commissioning of the Grasshopper pilot plant to produce energy from hydrogen

In an institutional event, the mayor of Seville, Juan Espadas, and the delegate of the Free Zone, Alfredo Sánchez Monteseirín, visited the plant, located in Free Zone of Seville (Spain). Once passed the start-up phase, the plant will prepare to be transferred to its destination in The Netherlands. Grasshopper is [...]

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Techno-Economic Analysis of a Concentrating Solar Power Plant Using Redox-Active Metal Oxides as Heat Transfer Fluid and Storage Media

We present results for a one-dimensional quasi-steady-state thermodynamic model developed for a 111.7 MWe concentrating solar power (CSP) system using a redox-active metal oxide as the heat storage media and heat transfer agent integrated with a combined cycle air Brayton power block. In the energy charging and discharging processes, the metal [...]

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Morocco reaps benefits from the Sahara sunshine

The North African country has an ambitious plan to supply 52 percent of its total power generation from renewable energy sources by 2030. Morocco's vast lands across the Sahara desert covering much of North Africa are proving advantageous for the country's clean energy push. The country has centered its solar [...]

Abengoa receives a visit of the Spanish Business Council in the Noor Energy 1 Concentrated Solar Power project

Abengoa develops the Noor Energy 1 Concentrated Solar Power project, integrated by three parabolic trough plants of 200 MW each, with 12 hours of molten salt storage, which is part of Phase IV of the world's largest solar complex, the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park, in Duba. Abengoa, [...]

Absolicon provide solar heat for industrial processes to Canary Islands Institute of Technology

Absolicon's solar thermal technology has been selected in a public procurement of disruptive technology in the industrial sector in Canary Islands. Absolicon will install 88 m2 solar collectors and the solar central unit for the value of € 123 000, at the Canary Islands Institute of Technology in Gran Canaria. [...]

“Sun-to-Liquids” Solar Fuels R&D Wins Recognition at Cop26

The Sun-to-Liquids project has been developed by a consortium integrated by the leading European solar research laboratories and CSP industry leaders: ETH Zurich, DLR, Bauhaus Luftfahrt, IMDEA Energy, HyGear Technology & Services B.V and Abengoa. The aim is to produce renewable transportation fuels from water and CO2 with solar energy: [...]

Namibia Readies Bidding for Concentrated Solar Power in 2022

At the 2021 SolarPACES Conference, NamPower generation projects head Grant Muller laid out the national power company’s now finalized plans for a CSP project in Namibia, for between 50 MW and 130 MW, with storage. After 4 years of preparations, it is ready for its first CSP auction in 2022. [...]

Abengoa, recognized in the Energy Globe World Awards for its solar innovation project, Sun-to-Liquid

This project has been developed by a consortium integrated by the leading European organizations ETH Zurich, IMDEA Energy, DLR, HyGear Technology & Services B.V and Bauhaus Luftfahrt e.V., among with Abengoa. The aim of this project is to produce renewable transportation fuels from water and CO2 with solar energy: The [...]

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NextSource Materials Awards Contract to Power Its Molo Graphite Mine in Madagascar with Hybridized Solar-Thermal Energy

NextSource Materials Inc. (TSX:NEXT)(OTCQB:NSRCF) ("NextSource" or the "Company") announces it has awarded a power supply contract to independent power producer CrossBoundary Energy ("CBE") for the long-term supply of solar and thermal generation to power the operations of its Molo graphite mine in Madagascar. The contract is for a 20-year term [...]

Bloom Energy demonstrates hydrogen fuel production powered by concentrated solar power

Two companies, Bloom Energy and Heliogen, have announced that they have successfully used concentrated solar power (CSP) for green hydrogen fuel production at a recent demonstration that took place in California. Heliogen was the supplier of the CSP technology that was used for powering the demonstration. Bloom energy used its [...]

Iran’s 1st Concentrated Solar Power plant to be launched by 2023

Iran is going to launch its first Concentrated Solar Power plant by the fiscal year 1402 (starts on March 2023), Managing Director of Iran's Thermal Power Plant Holding (TPPH) Mohsen Tarztalab announced on Thursday. Located near the central city of Yazd in central Iran, the new Concentrated Solar Power plant [...]

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