CGN Solar Delingha 50MW parabolic trough CSP plant is among China 1st batch of 20 pilot CSP projects and leading the construction progress. The bidding on commissioning and O&M services on this project has been launched recently. The announcement says that the bidding documents could be acquired during Sept.30 to Oct.15, and the bidding is expected to open on Oct.20, 2017.

Over 65% of the solar field has been completed of CGN Solar Delingha 50MW CSP plant by the end of this September, and the turbine will be installed soon this November. The overall project will be finished earlier next year, and is expected to be the first operational project among China 1st batch of 20 pilot CSP projects.

Beijing Shouhang IHW Resources Saving Co. Ltd. (shorted as Shouhang) was awarded the solar field EPC contract for the project last year. And during the upcoming CSP Focus China Tour on Nov 5-14, the delegation will get chances to visit Shouhang Beijing office and the 10MW+100MW CSP tower plants developed by Shouhang in Dunhuang.

As the bidding shows, all the bidders should have the reference on commissioning 50MW+ parabolic trough CSP plants, and 5 years+ experience on parabolic trough plant operation and maintenance. Consortia are acceptable for the bidding.

Announcement Details:

Bidding on commissioning and O&M Services for China CGN Solar Delingha 50MW CSP plant

CGN Delingha Solar Energy Co., Ltd here in after referred to as “the Employer is the Tenderee of the Project of CGN-DSE 50 MW Solar Thermal Power Generation Project Commissioning of Complete Units, Operation and Maintenance Services.

1. Project Introduction

1.1. Project Name:
The Project of CGN-DSE 50MW Solar Thermal Power Generation Project Commissioning of Complete Units, Operation and Maintenance Services

1.2. Project Overview:
For details, please refer to Section 6 of the Bidding documents—Technical Specifications.

2. Scope of Tendering and Time for Completion:

For details, please refer to the Bidding documents—Technical Specifications.

3. Qualification Requirements for Bidders:

Eligible bidders refer to company meeting the qualification requirements and having the financial strength, technical capabilities and production experience as needed for the successful fulfillment of the contract obligations, shall meet the following requirements:

1). The bidder shall have at least two project references of overall commissioning of 50MW parabolic-through (or above) solar thermal power generation project, and shall have at least two project references of operation and maintenance of parabolic-trough solar thermal power generation project for at least 5 years (experience of commissioning, operation and maintenance are subject to the certificates issued by the employers)

2). Joint venture is acceptable.

3). Bidders shall not be accepted should the following have happened within the recent 5 years:

(1). The bidder has defrauded to win the bid, has had serious breach of contract, serious project quality problem or has caused any contract to be dissolved due to its own reasons;
(2). In the bidding activities, the bidder has bad records of bid rigging or are being investigated by the competent authorities for bid rigging;
(3). The bidder is ordered to stop the business, its property being taken over, frozen or bankrupt.

*all the above requirements must be met and all the qualification certificates provided must be true and holding the same name as the Bidder. Otherwise, the Bid will be rejected during the Bid evaluation.

4. Quality standard: For details, please refer to Section 6 of the bidding documents—Technical Specifications.

5. Time of acquiring Bidding documents: September 30 to October 15, 2017

Special reminder: only the potential bidders who have purchased the Bidding documents from the Tendering Agent and have filled the application form can participate in this Project. Please contact the contact person of the Tendering Agent via Email or phone call prior to purchasing the Bidding documents.

6. Price of the Bidding documents

The price of the complete set of the Bidding documents (including soft copy) is 1,000 yuan. (In word: CNY One Thousand). The payment shall be made prior to obtaining the Bidding documents or paid in cash while getting the Bidding documents. The fee is non-refundable. An extra fee of 300 yuan shall be charged in case of mail delivery (including the drawings).

Special Reminder: procurement of the Bidding documents is the only way for confirmation of the Bidder’s identity.

7. Time of Bid Opening: 9:00 a.m. (Beijing Time), Oct 20, 2017

8. Place of Bid Opening: CGNTower, Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China

9. Bid Security

The amount of Bid Security is CNY Three Hundred Thousand in figure:¥300,000.00. The method and time for submission of bid security must be in accordance with the provision of Instruction to Bidders of the Bidding Document.

10. Confidentiality

The Bidders shall keep confidential for all documents, data or other materials provided directly or indirectly by the Employer.