Government has developed a plan for reliable, safe and affordable electricity supply in Botswana.

Launching the Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) on December 15, Minister of Mineral Resources, Green Technology and Energy Security Mr Lefoko Moagi said the intension was to achieve an energy generation mix of at least 15 per cent renewable energy by 2030 from the current two per cent.

Encompassing among others photovoltaic, concentrated solar power and coalbed methane projects, the plan seeks to reduce Botswana’s dependence for electricity on neighbouring countries South Africa and Mozambique.

The plan and its projects, he said, were in full alignment with Vision 2036 espousing that «… Botswana will be energy secure, with diversified, safe and clean energy sources and a net exporter».

Mr Moagi said the projects would generate sustainable jobs and increase foreign direct investment. He informed his audience that government recently approved the 20-year IRP for electricity generation for 2020-2040.

«This followed a 24 months collaboration project through which my ministry received technical assistance from the International Atomic Energy (IAEA) and the Energy Institute Hrvoje Pozar (EIHP) – a research institution based in Croatia specialising in energy planning,» he explained.

Mr Moagi reiterated that relevant plans, including the Vision 2036, NDP 11, and Renewable Energy for All (SE4ALL) action agenda, as well as inputs from stakeholders, were used to inform the supply-side analysis for the IRP.

«I would like to highlight, especially to the private sector, that all the IRP projects will be procured on Independent Power Producer (IPP) basis using open international competitive bidding as per PPADB guidelines,» he said.

Moreover, he said, citizen economic empowerment and Economic Diversification Drive (EDD) policies would be highly prioritised during procurement to ensure maximum economic benefit for citizens.

Mr Moagi warned citizen companies that his ministry would not entertain sub-standard works .

They must therefore be prepared for vigorous inspections, he said.