Solar-thermal Fuels and Thermal Energy Storage via Concentrated Solar Power

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Solar Energy Technologies Office (SETO) announced the Solar-thermal Fuels and Thermal Energy Storage Via Concentrated Solar-thermal Energy funding opportunity, which will award $30 million for projects to produce fuels via renewable energy resources and improve thermal energy storage technologies. The research, development, and demonstration [...]

Vast Receives Equity Commitment for up to USD $10 Million From Canberra Airport Group

Vast Solar Pty Ltd (Vast), a world-leader in concentrated solar thermal power (CSP) energy systems, today announced that it has entered into a subscription agreement with Canberra Airport Group (Canberra Airport) to purchase up to USD $10 million of Vast ordinary shares at an approximate price of USD10.20 per share [...]

Desert, Gobi, Desert large-scale concentrated solar power generation base

On September 19, 2023, the Aksai Huidong New Energy Photothermal+Photovoltaic Pilot Project undertaken by China Railway 11th Bureau successfully completed the top of the heat absorption tower, laying the foundation for subsequent grid connected power generation. The Aksai Huidong New Energy Photothermal+Photovoltaic Pilot Project is a major construction project in [...]

Integrating Concentrated Solar Power and Photovoltaics for Enhanced Energy Generation

Imagine tapping into the sun’s immense energy not with just a singular approach, but by marrying two synergistic technologies. Hybrid solar power plants stand at this intersection, seamlessly merging the strengths of concentrated solar power (CSP) and photovoltaic (PV) systems to maximize electricity production. This innovative combination is like having a renewable [...]

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Women in Concentrated Solar Power opens mentorship program

Do you want to become a mentor? Women+ in Concentrated Solar is starting a mentorship program for women and other underrepresented genders in the concentrated solar sector, to help our mentees grow as professionals. In a first step, we are looking for mentors (all gender identities welcome). Mentors will be expected to meet with their [...]

Australia’s liquid sodium solar receiver to be on show in October

The solar receiver on view at this year’s SolarPACES Conference site tour in October will be the first that many attendees have seen.   In a call from Australia, Associate Professor Joe Coventry, from the Australian National University (ANU), revealed the thinking behind the choice of liquid sodium to pair [...]

Solar hydrogen testing begins at CSIRO conference tour site

Tests are underway on a cutting edge renewable hydrogen technology that is being backed by iron-ore billionaire Andrew Forrest to deliver a cheaper and more scalable way to produce the zero emissions fuel using concentrated sunlight. Sparc Hydrogen – a joint venture majority owned by ASX-listed Sparc Technologies with shares [...]

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Potential Assessment and Economic Analysis of Concentrated Solar Power against Photovoltaic

Competition between concentrated solar power and solar photovoltaic has been the subject of frequent debate in recent years based on their cost of fabrication, efficiency, storage, levelized cost of energy, reliability, and complexity of respective technologies. Taking Pakistan as a testbed, a study was conducted to determine which technology [...]

The world’s highest altitude concentrated solar power project ushered in a new node

On September 8, the installation of two hot melt salt tank cooling pipelines for Tibet Zhabuye Integrated Energy EPC Project was completed, marking a significant progress in the engineering construction of the project. The project is the world's highest altitude concentrated solar power station project, the site altitude of more [...]

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Egypt launches a solar desalination tender for five Concentrated Solar Power projects

According to Fady Elsayed Senior Project Development Manager, Southern Africa, at Infinity Power, the Egyptian Government has launched a tender for five concentrated solar power plants on the north coast: “The Egyptian Electricity Holding Company (EEHC) has launched a tender for the construction of five concentrated solar power (CSP) plants [...]

Cosin wins bid for new 200 MW Chinese Concentrated Solar Power storage/solar field

On September 7, we received the “Notification of Award” from CGN China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd., confirming that Cosin Solar has won the contract for Solar Field and MSR Systems equipment supply for the CGN New Energy Delingha 200MW CSP (the “Project”) . The Project is part of the [...]

10,000 sets of heliostats have been installed! The heliostat field of 100MW solar thermal power project in Jinta Zhongguang Concentrated Solar Power has been embryonic

On September 8,the 100 MW concentrated solar power project of the Jinta Zhongguang Solar Power"CSP+PV"pilot project successfully completed the installation of the 10,000 sets of heliostat,and the huge heliostat field of 3.62 square kilometers has taken shape on the Gobi. The project is equipped with 25,594 high-precision intelligent heliostats of [...]

Cost of Concentrated solar power (CSP) projects fell from USD 0.38/kWh to USD 0.118/kWh – a decline of 69%

Concentrated solar power (CSP) saw its global weighted‑average LCOE fall from 591% higher than the cheapest fossil fuel option in 2010 to 71% higher in 2022. Concentrated solar power (CSP) deployment remains disappointing, with less than 0.1 GW added in 2022 and global cumulative capacity standing at 6.5 GW at [...]

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