Pasadena AI-Assisted Concentrated Solar Power Company Appoints New Director, Forms Strategy Committee to Boost Growth

Pasadena-headquartered Heliogen, Inc., a renewable energy company providing AI-enabled concentrated solar power, announced a new member appointed to its Board of Directors and changes in the board’s roles and committees. The company has appointed Roger A. Lazarus as a new board member and established a new Corporate Strategy Committee to advise [...]

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Women in CSP networking event on March 15 midday CET

Rebecca Mitchell works at NREL on algorithms to determine error of heliostats and she’s also creating a database on CSP education related materials. During the first networking event on March 9, 2023, she met with many CSP experts, who could provide her materials for her database. Also, Dr. Natalie Hanrieder [...]

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Concentrated Solar Power Project Tenders Last Week (Mar.4-10) in China

Molten Salt Trough Collector Joint Connection Test Platform will be Built in Ali Tibet On March 6, POWERCHINA Zhongnan Engineering Corporation Limited released the public announcement of the procurement results of the molten salt trough collector joint connection test platform for CGN Ali 50MW CSP & 100MW PV Project, whose [...]

Concentrated Solar Power Plants with Molten Salt Storage: Economic Aspects and Perspectives in the European Union

Concentrated solar power plants belong to the category of clean sources of renewable energy. The paper discusses the possibilities for the use of molten salts as storage in modern CSP plants. Besides increasing efficiency, it may also shift their area of application: thanks to increased controllability, they may now be [...]

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)

Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) Defined Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) is a rapidly growing form of solar energy that harnesses the power of the sun to generate thermal energy and electricity. It uses mirrors to concentrate and focus sunlight onto a specific area, where it is converted into heat. CSP systems [...]

DOE seeks stakeholder R&D advice to advance solar fuels

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Solar Energy Technologies Office (SETO) has issued a request for information (RFI) on the technology needs and cost targets for renewable fuels produced using solar-thermal energy and thermal energy storage. DOE looking for stakeholder advice to advance commercialization of solar fuels such as jet [...]

Successful PROMES-CNRS thermocline test of latent/sensible heat storage

Most industries currently burn fossil fuels for heat. But to supply heat directly from sunlight, research attention is turning to solar thermal energy storage (TES) so that heat can be delivered as consistently as combusting a fossil fuel using purely solar energy. A solar thermal energy storage breakthrough – a [...]

2022 Blue Book on China’s Concentrated Solar Power industry launched

China Solar Thermal Alliance to present China’s CSP status update Date: March 21, Time: 21:00 (9 PM) Beijing time UTC 13:00:00 Opening: Christoph Richter, Executive Secretary SolarPACES Introductory Comments: Zhifeng Wang, Chairman of China Solar Thermal Alliance Presentation of Blue Book on China’s CSP Industry 2022: Fengli Du, Secretary of [...]

Concentrated solar power has one huge advantage: the energy can be converted into electricity even when the Sun isn’t shining

James McKenzie believes that “concentrator solar power” could be the answer to our environmental woes. The Ivanpah Solar Power Facility in Nevada uses thousands of mirrors to focus sunlight onto a tank of water at the top of a tower, with the resulting steam being used to drive turbines. (Courtesy: [...]

Redstone Concentrated Solar Power Project On Track In South Africa

The Redstone Solar Plant is in the Humansrus Solar Park between Tsanstabane and Kgatelopele in the Northern Cape, with construction underway. On completion, which is expected around 2023, 100 megawatts (MW) of power will be added to the national grid. The plant will be operational by early 2024. The South [...]

China: Concentrated Solar Power Project Tenders Last Week (Feb.27-Mar.3)

Project Supervisor Tender - SPIC Shanshan 100MW CSP Project On February 24, SPIC Henan Company invited public bids for the construction supervision of 100MW CSP project of SPIC Shanshan 1GW CSP+PV Project. This section does not accept consortium bids.   Turbine bypass device Tender- Akesai Huidong New Energy CSP + [...]

Chairman’s Invitation for SolarPACES 2023

It is my pleasure to extend a warm welcome to you to participate in the SolarPACES 2023 International Conference to be held October 10-13, 2023 in Sydney, Australia. 2023 will be another challenging year for global energy supply and demand. Meeting all three requirements of energy supply – clean, reliable [...]

SolarPACES 2023: First Announcement and Call for Papers

SolarPACES (Solar Power and Chemical Energy Systems) is pleased to announce the SolarPACES 2023 conference to be held from October 10 – 13, 2023, in Sydney, Australia. SolarPACES is the premier international network advancing research, development, and commercial deployment of concentrating solar-thermal power (CSP) and related technologies. Australia, with its high levels of solar [...]

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