It is about a 20-minute westward driving from center Delingha city to Delingha solar park. On 18 September, journalists of CSPPLAZA had a on-site visit to CGNPC’s 50MW CSP trough project under construction in this park. The construction work began on 1 July 2014. As China’s first 50MW-grade commercial CSP trough project, much attention has been paid to its progress.

It takes about 20 minutes to walk from the built CGN ‘s Qinghai Testing Site of National Energy Solar Thermal Power R&D Center to the project site. At noon, companied by dazzling light rays, vast gobi desert extends to distance, making anyone in that sunshine feel naturally that here is the place for solar power development. In Mongolian, the word “Delingha” means “golden world”. And from the solar industry point of view, the golden sunshine fits well with such implication.


photo: surrounding land landform of the project site

The field-leveling work has been completed, and windbreaks are already set up. Our journalists noticed that the windbreaks were as high as about 8 meters, standing around the construction site. Those windbreaks are for future use of greatly reducing the foreign wind speed and reducing the negative impact of the dust on the heat collecting system.


photo: the windbreak surrounding the site 

EPC bidding of conventional island was previously closed on this 8th May, with Northwest Enectricity Power Design Co.,Ltd. (NEPD)as the winner. And other subcontract bid winners had entered the construction during the period of end-August to early September this year. Our journalist also noticed that the foundation excavation work has been completed, and construction contractors are moving to following work. The project team for Conventional  island is organized by Northwestern Electric Power Construction Co. Ltd(NWEPC), civil engineering work by No.4 NWEPC and installation work by No. 3 NWEPC.

 The project covers an area of about 2.5 km2, north-south, low-lying high, with a south to north natural slope of about 3% ~ 4%. Taking the surrounding landscape and the current site situation in account, we can imagine the big field-leveling work. From the current scene, the field-leveling work is well done.The solar field is designed in terraced type, altogether 6 terraces from south to north, with 192 standard trough heat collector loops distributed on these terraces.


photo: the conventional island under construction

According to the on-site visit, we can feel the large project quantity. Judging from current construction status, such as details of the windbreaks, the field-leveling work, and the drainage system, the project owner, as well as other contractors, hold a standard quality control for the project. Bidding of solar field EPC and heat transferring /storage system is near completion. Once the contractors are selected, their construction team will enter the site. More that we can’t help imagining is what a spectacular sight it would be on the 2.5Km2 gobi desert after completion.


photo: the flat project site, with altogether 6 terraces from up to down