The market for concentrated solar power in China is expected to expand rapidly in the coming future ahead.

The market for concentrated solar power in China is expected to expand rapidly in the coming future ahead. The production capacity in China is expected to cross 1,000MW by 2020. Companies that have successfully operated CSP prototype systems in pilot locations globally are progressing towards multi-megawatt CSP projects.

These companies aim to reduce the levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) for CSP systems in order to reduce operational costs and remain competitive. To reduce costs, companies are looking to regions with strong DNI levels and low production costs. As a result, China is attracting investments in the CSP market due to its low labor costs and the high DNI concentration present in Western China. In the 10 Year Clean Energy Plan, which runs till 2020, the Chinese government plans to invest $738 billion over the next decade to develop its clean energy market.

Though the CSP sector is still in its infant stages, China´s industry experts have high hopes for this market because CSP thermal plants do not require costly silicon PV panels and is also compatible with the current national power grid infrastructure. China has ambitious targets to achieve 3 GW capacity of CSP-derived energy by 2020 from the current 1 MW installed capacity. The Chinese government is actively supporting CSP development and is open to foreign participation in this market.

Meanwhile, the concentrated solar power market in India is the eleventh largest in the world. The country´s cumulative installed solar PV capacity is expected to cross 9,000MW by 2010. Installed capacity growth of CSP in India is driven by financial incentives provided by the government. India is a key emerging solar market and through its plan to fight climate change, the country has articulated a central role for solar power. The National Solar Mission, as part of the National Action Plan, aims to create 1,000MW of annual solar power production from integrated facilities by 2017. The main objective is to make solar power costs competitive when compared to those associated with fossil fuels.

Report Scope

This research report is a comprehensive analytical compilation which analyzes the market for CSP in China and India along with a brief profile of the global CSP market as well.

The report begins with an analysis of what is concentrated solar power (CSP) and the requirement for CSP in today´s world. We look at the types of CSP technologies that are available today such as central receiver/solar tower, parabolic troughs, parabolic dish, Linear Fresnel reflectors, etc.

Moving on, we analyze the global market for concentrated solar power briefly. We look at industry statistics, industry size and power generation from CSP worldwide.

Concentrated solar power in China and India is analyzed through an industry overview, power generated from CSP in both countries and the regulatory framework impacting the concentrated solar power industry in China and India. An analysis of the major CSP plants in both the countries is also included in this report.

Competition in the industry and an analysis of the major players wraps up this analytical offering on the concentrated solar power industry in China and India.

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