Among China 1st batch of 20 concentrated solar power (CSP) demonstration projects, there are 9 Towers, 7 Troughs and 4 CLFRs, all of which were designed with huge capacity multi-hour storage system.

One of the inherent targets of the implementation of CSP pilot projects is to encourage the application of new CSP technologies.

There were many new technologies which will be implemented first time in the world in a commercial project. CSP Focus hereby list 6 kinds of CSP innovations, and 8 typical demos taking these technologies.

Among the 8 pilot CSP projects, 4 are under construction and expected to be completed this year or next year, and 2 are still pending with quite little development, and 2 were claimed cancelation early this year.

Get fully learned of the current situation of China 1st batch of demos, you may free download the 21-page report on China 1st Batch of CSP Pilot Projects Update (Nov-2018 Edition).

1. Silicon oil as the HTF in a trough plant

Royal Tech Yumendongzhen 50MW PT Project:
EPC contract signed with Beijing Shouhang IHW on June 2018;
Construction started on June 2018;

2. Modular Beam Down tower technology

Yumen Xinneng 50MW MS Tower Project:
· Installation of solar field in Module 1 completed; salt melting and solar field commissioning completed;
· Installation of solar field in Module 2/3/5 still in progress and hopefully will be completed by the end of 2018;
· Construction and installation of power block and steam turbine is still in progress, hopefully to be completed early next year;

3. Modified DSG CLFR technology with concrete storage system

Huaqiang Zhaoyang Zhangjiakou DSG 50MW CLFR Project:
Pending with little progress.

CITIC Zhangbei DSG 50MW CLFR Project:

4. Molten salt as the HTF in a trough plant

Shenzhen Jinfan Akesai 50MW molten salt PT Project:
· Foundation of salt tanks completed;
· Solar field assembly workshop completed;

Zhongyang Zhangjiakou Chabei 64MW PT Project:
Pending with little progress.

5. Molten salt as the HTF in a CLFR plant

DCTC Dunhuang 50MW MS CLFR Project:
· Financial closed in June 2018, debt funding from Power China Leasing Co., Ltd; EPC contractor changed to Zhongnan Engineering Co., Ltd of Power China;
· Construction started by the end of 2018;

6. Synthetic oil as the HTF in a CLFR plant

Northern United Power Urad 50MW CLFR Project: