On the afternoon of August 26th, Zhejiang Supcon Solar Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as Supcon) held its press conference in Delingha where its 10MW Tower molten salt solar thermal power plant is located in, and officially announced that this plant, the first Tower molten salt CSP plant, is successfully put into operation.


Supcon’s plant is not only the first operational Tower molten salt CSP project in China, but also the third one in operation across the globe. Therefore, its actual operation receives lots of concern, naturally, a plenty of journalists have been attracted and visit this plant at that afternoon, including journalists from CCTV which is the most influential television news program in China.

It’s well-known that it is always drought in Delingha, but surprisignly, it rains frequently and heavily in recent days, which is unusual even for local residents. On that day, it’s been cloudy, resulting in failure to power plant’s operation until 4 p.m when it suddenly cleared and the molten salt tower began to run as normal, “at the moment of running, the instantaneous value of DNI is about 900W/㎡under which the turbine runs in good condition with output power of up to 8.04MW, rotating speed of 8512rpm.” Xu Neng, vice president of SUPCON, told CSPPLAZA journalist.

Actually, this plant with molten salt system is renovated from a 10MW DSG plant. It’s said previously by SUPCON that the entire plant was completed and combined to the grid at 14:18, August 20th, and then realized full load power generation at 15:45, the next day. Accourding to actual measurement, the outlet temperature of molten salt receiver is up to 568℃, and the superheated steam parameter of molten salt heat exchanger is 510 ℃/ 9Mpa, all that has fully met the design value.

Looking from a distance, there is no difference between tower 1 and 2 in appearance, but as a matter of a fact, great changes have taken place in inherent part. SUPCON has renovated overall system of Tower 1 from DSG technology to DMS. And not many changes have been made in the solar field of Tower 2, still using water as medium to absorb heat, but now, the saturated steam produced by receiver is tranformed into superheated steam through salt-water heat exchanger, and then entering the turbine together with superheated steam produced by Tower 1.

The following pictures were taken on August 26th in the operation site of SUPCON Delingha 10MW Tower molten salt CSP plant,