Power China Qinghai Gonghe 50MW Tower CSP Project is one of China 1st batch 20 pilot CSP projects. The project developer published biddings for civil construction of solar field and conventional island on Dec. 15, and both of the biddings will be opened on Jan 10, 2018. And the construction periods are requested from March 1st to August 31st in 2018.

As CSP Focus reported earlier, the project progress is expected to be:
•    June, 2017, construction officially started;
•    By March 1st, 2018, heliostat manufacturing workshop will be put into operation;
•    By June 1st, 2018, heliostat installation starts;
•    By Dec. 30, 2018, solar field and receiver installation finished;
•    By April, 2019, project completed and connected to the grid.

Relevant free report: Detailed Progress on China 1st Batch 20 CSP Pilot Projects

The solar field construction work includes heliostat base installation, field leveling, electrical equipment foundation construction and relevant equipment installation, solar field cable laying and road construction around solar field.

All civil construction and installation works of conventional island except for receiver tower and heat storage are included in the bidding for conventional island construction.

The bidding announcements indicated that bidders should possess relevant qualification and have over 3 similar projects performance and experience in 3 years. Besides, joint biddings are not allowed.

The project details will be discussed at the upcoming CSP Focus China 2018 Mar.22-23 Beijing conference.

Power China Qinghai Gonghe 50MW Tower CSP Project is owned and developed by Power Construction Corporation of China. Located in Nanzhou Solar Power Park, Qinghai Province, Power China Qinghai Gonghe 50MW Tower CSP Project is designed to have 6 hours molten salt thermal energy storage system. The project construction started on June 18 this year.

Part of participants announced:
●  Supcon Solar (solar field EPC)
●  Harbin Turbine Company Limited (turbine)
●  Shanghai Boiler Co., Ltd. (steam generator)

●  Qinghai Lianda Chemical Co., Ltd. (molten salt)
●  Shanghai Power Civil Construction Company (receiver tower & thermal energy storage system civil work)

●  Qinghai Haiyi Engineering Construction Co., Ltd (dormitory civil work)

From: CSP Focus 光略咨询