Beijing Shouhang IHW Resourves Saving Co., Ltd (shorted as Shouhang) is one of the leading solar CSP industry players in China. In 2013, Shouhang monitored Dunhuang’s DNI and started design and construction according to the measured statistics. On December 2016, 138 meters receiver tower was lighted firstly, which marked that, Shouhang Dunhuang 1st Phase 10MW molten salt Tower CSP project became the first 24-hours continuous-generation molten salt CSP tower project in Asia and the third molten salt CSP tower project in the world was successfully connected to the grid.


Recently, receiver tower of Shouhang Dunhuang 2nd phase of 100MW molten salt CSP tower project was successfully capped. The 2nd phase CSP project owns the world’s largest stand-alone solar field – over 10,000 heliostat basics. Over 2000 heliostat pillars have been installed till now. The project is expected to be finished in August 2018.

Shouhang Dunhuang 2nd phase of 100MW molten salt CSP tower project tower completed


Nov 8th, CSP Focus China Tour 2017 delegation from USA, Spain, France, Germany, Italy and South Africa enterprises visits Shouhang Dunhuang 10+100MW molten salt CSP tower project on site and get chance to witnesses the exciting progress. The intended project proves that China CSP industry will go on wheels.


CSP Focus China Tour 2017 delegation visits Shouhang Dunhuang 10+100MW moltensalt CSP tower project


Earlier before the site visit, the CSP Focus China Tour 2017 delegation also visited Beijing Shouhang at the office on Nov.6th Afternoon. After deep networking with Shouhang representative, the delegation was encouraged by Shouhang’s “Dare to be the first” spirit and spoke highly with Shouhang culture.


CSP Focus China Tour 2017 delegation visits Shouhang Dunhuang 10MW+100MW molten salt CSP tower project


As Shouhang tells CSP Focus,Shouhang Dunhuang starts its project approval application of the 3rd phrase of Dunhuang molten salt CSP tower project and struggles for the goals of accelerating CSP industry development and integrating China CSP with the world.


During the upcoming CSP Focus China 2018 Annual conference on Mar.23-24 in Beijing, Shouhang is expected to share with all the CSP industry audience on the freshest progress of the 100MW CSP plant and its CSP map in the future.


Free report on Picture collection of Shouhang Dunhuang 10MW MS Power CSP Plant


CSP Focus China Tour 2017 delegation enjoys dinner with Beijing Shouhang


Government’s positive attitude on CSP industry and Jiuquan’s strong support prompt Shouhang Dunhuang CSP project carries out smoothly.


Technology, management and capital synchronous development makes Beijing Shouhang to be one of China CSP industry pioneers. With strong independent R&D capacity, rich project construction experience, the optimal designing scheme and integrated quality management system, Shouhang guides China’s CSP industry. As the only enterprise in China who simultaneously master core technology of Parabolic Trough, Tower and Fresnel projects construction, Beijing Shouhang expects more government’s attention to CSP and prospects that CSP would be a new name card of China in the world.

CSP Focus China Tour 2017 Introduction


CSP Focus, China: global leading CSP industry consultancy


Delegation Members:

  • SA Rope Access, South Africa: key services and support for the construction and maintenance of Concentrated Solar Power projects
  • Renewable Energy and Processes S.L. (REP-Energy Solutions), Spain: innovative heat transferfluids, new material/steel technology and online corrosion monitoring
  • Complutense University of Madrid, Spain: REP was born from “Nanostructured Surfaces and Materials Engineering” research group of the Faculty of Chemistry at Complutense
  • BASF East Asia Regional Headquarters Ltd: production and supply of molten salts used for heat storage and heat transfer in CSP plants
  • EDF Group, France: integrated competencies in all needed CSP project aspects including civil works,electrical & mechanical, general performances and optimization, O&M.
  • Archimede Solar Energy, Italy: Receiver Tube (HCE) Manufacturer & Supplier, and Concept and Basic design, FEED and molten Salt Management Procedures
  • Watlow Electric Manufacturing Ltd, USA: Electric Heaters, Sensors, Controller and whole thermal solutions


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