The local value chain for China concentrating solar power (CSP) industry has been getting mature through the fast development of the past decade. The local companies are able to produce almost all the key equipment and materials including receivers, molten salt, heliostats, concentrators, mechanical & hydraulic drives, control equipment for DCS, and glass reflecting mirrors.

Statistics shows that the total investment of those companies in China CSP value chain reached RMB 4.18 billion (USD 698 million) in the year of 2016. As the chart below shows, solar field key components like receiver tubes and reflecting mirrors could reach 1-2 GW capacity to equip the CSP plants (without TES).


China launched the program of 1st round of 20 pilot CSP projects earlier last September, and total capacity goes to 1.349 GW. To fulfill the soaring demand of CSP equipment and materials, some of China leading providers have been devoting to expanding their manufacturing lines. However, there’s still huge gap between demand and supply, especially for those requiring high-quality and big-quantity.


After the 1st round of 1.35 GW allocation, there will be another 3.65 GW, together 5 GW is under China 13th-Five-Year (2015-2020) CSP plan. And in the future, according to some insiders close to National Energy Administration, the governing body for energy project deployment, more CSP capacity will be planned in the following decade (2020-2030).


CSP is relatively new in China, and the local developers and EPC contractors did not have any experience and reference in CSP, especially in the development and construction of commercial CSP plant. So there is a huge demand of cooperation with overseas CSP companies, in some field such as project development, engineering and design, EPCM, O&M, etc.


Where is the potential cooperation opportunities between China local and international CSP companies? As surveyed by CSP Focus, the following several areas from project development to O&M are voted to create the biggest opportunities for overseas companies in China CSP market.


Biggest opportunities for overseas companies from China CSP value chain


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