China targets 5GW of Concentrated Solar Power for 2020, 11.5cents/kWh cost

China targets 5GW of Concentrated Solar Power for 2020, 11.5cents/kWh cost

China officially targets 2020 Concentrated Solar Power: 5GW allocation, 11.5cents/kWh cost.

China National Energy Administration (NEA) formally issued “the 13th Five-year (2016-2020) Plan for Solar Energy Development” this Dec.16th, allocating 110GW solar power capacity, of which 5GW is targeted on concentrated solar power (CSP), and 105GW on PV.

The Plan indicates great importance on the development of CSP despite its relatively smaller share. As an emerging solar power, CSP is playing a greater role on China power layout. As CSP Focus keeps reporting, the 1st Phase 20 CSP pilot projects (1.349GW) are already or will be soon constructed, all the participators are trying best to make the projects finished by the end of 2018 so as to enjoy the pilot FiT of RMB 1.15/kWh (around USD 16.55 cents). On the CSP cost, the Plan targets RMB 0.8/kWh (around USD 11.51 cents) by 2020.


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As the Plans says on the key tasks of CSP during 2016-2020, “the government should actively promote the construction of the 1st phase of 20 pilot projects (1.349GW), from which the industry could get experience on construction and operation, test the reliability of components and help to perfect political environment and regulations. As a result, the realization of industrialization and product high-quality contributes to lowering cost and strengthening competiveness.” The success of 1st Phase projects are quite crucial to the overall 5GW allocation of 13th FYP.

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